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September 9, 2007: Stink bugs, Miagrammopes, Nephila and maybe Leucauge

    Video Segments
  • Miagrammopes clowning around Video is about the only way to capture her in action (7.8 MB mpg). The stick-like Miagrammopes appears as a small stationary twig and then starts to manipulate her capture thread with rapid leg motion. I'm shooting for improvement

Friday afternoon, the lady of the house was tending her web. Five stabilimenta - a new record for me

Argiope versicolor

Then this afternoon - our lady was gone - and now only X marks the spot

St Andrews Cross

With a nearby stink bug guarding the place

stink bug

But look - on the right rear leg is an ant - sort of getting a free ride somewhere

stink bug and  ant

Just hanging on for the ride

stink bug and ant

Here it is climbing over the edge of the leaf, looking for a bit of shade

Stink bug

Close by was a juvenile Nephilia pilipes repairing her web

Nephila pilipes repair

Sort of a tangled mess

Nephila pilipes repair

A closer view of her repairing her web

sep 09 4585 nephila repair

Extruding silk - which I had switched to my 90 mm macro. This is the 180 mm macro and gone is the depth of field - sigh

sep 09 4612 nephila extruding

Nephila served on a green and yellow background

sep 09 4616 nephila green

I am not sure what she is doing - but in spite of the over exposure, she seems to be altering the connection of her single strand web with the top of the grass





A small twig in disguise


I think this is a Leucauge. She just turned up out of nowhere while I was watching the Miagrammopes connect with a tall strand of grass


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