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September 14, 2013: Bukit Brown Cemetery

Jack flew in from Kathmandu and Joseph Koh led us around Bukit Brown cemetery. Jack has a new GPS watch - and here is where we walked

All trips start at Joseph's

sep 14 DSC 7680 2 joseph koh frank

Sign - directing to graves of two families

sep 14 6417 hill 1 sign

A Hokkien grave site. The structure behind the tombstone is shaped like the Greek character, Omega. Some say it is symbolic of the womb from which the spirit will emerge. The teardrops represent ink drops, intelligence.

sep 14 6421 hokkien omega turtleback grave

Another example of the Omega structure

sep 14 6427 hokkien omega structure

Old gravesite with small Omega

sep 14 6432 small grave

Another example

sep 14 6434 raised omega

Stone carving - guarding the grave

sep 14 6438 animal guard

Another view

sep 14 6440 guard

Another guard

sep 14 6442 lion guard

Old grave with tile decorations

sep 14 6445 omega outer inkdrop intelligence

Lion guarding

sep 14 6449 lion head

A lady attendant

sep 14 6450 lady guard

Another lady attendant

sep 14 6452 lady guard


sep 14 6455 lion head

Another lion with teeth

sep 14 6457 lion teeth

Sitting on top of a column

sep 14 6459 lion guard

The placement of guards and attendants

sep 14 6464 guard structure

Old grave

sep 14 6468 old gravesite

White stone

sep 14 6472 gravesite spiral reincarnation

Grave guarded by 2 Sikh guards

sep 14 6474 sikh guards

This guard is protecting

sep 14 6475 sikh guard

This guard is on patrol

sep 14 6478 sikh patrolling

Another view of positions - rifle butt broken

sep 14 6482 sikh guard

Another grave site with Omega structure, ink drop and guards

sep 14 6484 omega protection

Note water channel along the inner aspect of the Omega

sep 14 6486 hokkien turtleback grave

Another example

sep 14 6495 grave marker

My brother Jack and Joseph Koh. Joseph was amazing - not only for helping with spider identification, but translating the Chinese characters and helping us understand the stories

sep 14 6496 jack joseph

Joseph describing

sep 14 6501 jack joseph

The Sikh-guarded grave - initiated about 1930

sep 14 6509 sikh guard

Ink drop signifying intelligence

sep 14 6518 ink drop column

Offering to spirits

sep 14 6521 orange offering

New headstone

sep 14 6524 new headstone

Multicolor Chinese characters

sep 14 6525 colorful characters

Omega structure, no water channel

sep 14 6528 omega protection

In the field

sep 14 DSC 7685 2 frank joseph sweep net

Camaricus maugei - A colorful crab spider - note amazing reflections of blue sky and clouds on the anterior aspect of her cephalathorax

sep 14 6546 crab face

Reflections of the sky and clouds on the cephalothorax of Camaricus maugei

sep 14 6549 camaricus maugei reflection

Face of Camaricus maugei with reflection of the blue sky and white clouds

sep 14 6556 crab face

A yellow orchid

sep 14 6569 orchid vertical

Another view

sep 14 6569 yellow orchid


sep 14 6574 melastoma

Restored grave

sep 14 6575 new structure

Cluster of graves

sep 14 6578 cluster

Famous grave of Ong Sam Leong

sep 14 6580 ong sam leong

Male lion guarding the grave

sep 14 6586 male lion

Female lion

sep 14 6588 female lion

Stone carving of the story of mother feeding the mother-in-law (Filial Piety -she has no teeth and cannot chew). Another version has the mother feeding the father-in-law

sep 14 6595 breast feeding mother

Another carving

sep 14 6598 stone carving

Golden characters

sep 14 6601 golden words

Another story

sep 14 6603 stone carving

The complete story

sep 14 6608 carved story

A Sikh guard

sep 14 6612 sikh guard

From the side

sep 14 6619 sikh guard

Female lion

sep 14 6625 lion

For our medical students. The old man is sick and the attendant is smelling the feces for diagnosis

sep 14 6626 stool exam

Another view

sep 14 6628 stool exam

Reflections in the stream

sep 14 6631 reflections

Clusters of graves

sep 14 6639 grave clusters

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