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Sept 27, 2008:Snorkeling at Mapur Island

For orientation, look at the Google Maps with my way points. You'll see Mapur island to the east of Telubakua (where Bintan Agro Beach Resort lives) Click on each marker and there will be an image. To the top right is a button: More. Click on this and then check more photos and you'll see photos from others

Jumary is driving this morning

sep 27 0800 jumary

Leaving - the Bintan Agro Beach area

sep 27 0808 agro beach

Another view

sep 27 0813 agro beach

A morning fisherman

sep 27 0822 fisherman

Two fishing boats

sep 27 0824 2 fishermen

Passing fishing boats

sep 27 0827 2 fishermen

Another fishing boat

sep 27 0835 fisherman

Building a kelong that is in water during low tide. This is unusual because it is built from concrete - the first that I have seen like this

sep 27 0836 low tide kelong

Another view

sep 27 0837 low tide kelong

Another view

sep 27 0842 low tide kelong

Looking south

sep 27 0858 looking south

Passing a big rock as we near Mapur Island

sep 27 0880 big rock

A fisherman

sep 27 0885 fisherman

A closer view

sep 27 0891 fisherman

Two fishing somethings

sep 27 0903 fishing boar

This small island is across where where we snorkel

sep 27 0906 island

Where we snorkel

sep 27 0912 mapur island

Here you can see the patches of sand between coral colonies

sep 27 0913 snorkle spot

The Mapur F1 race (this was the day before the Singapore F1. Here drivers are testing their skill with fishing boats

sep 27 0916 2 fishermen

Carrying the Indonesian flag

sep 27 0917 2 fishermen

Looking into the water. You can see the many colors of the coral. The depth of the coral is 2 - 5 meters. Perfect for natural light photography

sep 27 0922 coral from above

Here is what it looks like at 1 - 2 m under water. Table coral and a sea urchin

sep 27 2063 sea urchin table coral

I don't know what this is so I call it polygon coral because each shape is that of a polygon. Do these little guys know geometry?

sep 27 2071 polygon coral

The is Evi. Evi manages the reservations and here she is looking for ways to help people with the details of registration so that their stay at Bintan Agro Beach Resort will be perfect

sep 27 2081 yellow stripe snout

Staghorn coral and some fish

sep 27 2085 staghorn fish

Looking foward - what a seascape

sep 27 2089 coral flora

Aznon - like Evi, to make sure my snorkel time is perfect

sep 27 2102 aznan

Jumary - he is perfect :)

sep 27 2103 jumary

More of Aznon - as much of a clown as the nemo fish

sep 27 2104 aznan

Aznon, the clown

sep 27 2105 aznan

This is actually Aznon and Jumary in disguise

sep 27 2107 2 clowns

This is Lina in disguise - short and quiet.

sep 27 2108 clown fish

This is Lina and Florence in disguise - almost always together

sep 27 2109 2 clowns

A coral fish - this is Irawan in disguise - as he is the big boss

sep 27 2114 coral fish

Actually here is Irawan and Ari (the biggest boss) - inspecting the coral to make sure all is ok. Like Evi, looking over all the details to make sure things are perfect.

sep 27 2120 2 coral fish

Lina and Florence hiding from the world among the tentacles of an anemone.

sep 27 2139 hiding clown

Lina playing peek-a-boo from behind the anemone tentacles

sep 27 2150 clown peek a boo

A table coral

sep 27 2157 table coral

Giant clam - these guys are really large - perhaps 20 cm in length

Giant Clam sep_27_2158_giant_clam.jpg

A closer view. There is some sort of orifice - perhaps a gill? - to the right and some sort of organ on the left

Giant clam interior sep_27_2161_giant_clam.jpg

even closer

Giant clam interior sep_27_2163_giant_clam.jpg

In this closeup, I suspect the central region is some sort of organ, and not just decoration

Giant clam sep_27_2168_giant_clam.jpg

And the other side and what appear to be some sort of organ - hmm look at the next image

Giant clam close sep_27_2308_giant_clam_close.jpg

This is a different clam but the region to the right is open here as if it is an entrance for food processing? Compare with the above image

giant clam sep_27_2303_giant_clam.jpg

Close view of the orifice

Giant clam closesep_27_2307_giant_clam_close.jpg

Another giant clam with some sort of fuzzy stuff.

Giant clam sep_27_2232_giant_clam.jpg

A closer look

Giant clam sep_27_2234_giant_clam_stuff.jpg

Blue giant clam

Blue giant clam sep_27_2188_blue_clam.jpg

Blue clam

sep 27 2323 blue clam

A closer look

sep 27 2326 blue clam close

Another giant clam - sort of greenish

Green giant clam sep_27_2385_dark_green_clam.jpg

The pattern - maze like, was interesting. Does the pattern have any meaning

sep 27 2173 white coral

This was a surprise. I saw the this purple blob with tentacles extending from an opening. I thought to myself, hmmm - this has the tentacles of an anemone and the color of the basement membrane, so in a blob, maybe this is a young anemone. When I came to work the following day, Geraldine, the head of our student affairs team, said casually, oh - a contracted anemone. This was all I needed - she ignited my curiosity fuse. So I poked around wikipedia and Google and found that anemone have a nervous system, have contraction and expansion patterns, thought to regulate light use in photosynthesis. So curiosity @ work. Something new.

I also found the basis of the symbiotic relationship. The anemone tentacles have toxins that the clown fish have immunity. So the anemone protect them from predators while the clown fish feces provide fertilizer for the anemone (like bird feces fertilizing certain types of orchids).

A closed anemone

Sea Anemone sep_27_2127_anemone_bulb.jpg

Looks like he/she is just taking a rest

Clown fish sep_27_2176_clown.jpg

ANd playing peek-a-boo

Clown fish sep_27_2179_clown_fish.jpg

Some sort of brain coral?

sep 27 2183 brain like coral

Similar structure

sep 27 2184 brain like close

Staghorn coral

sep 27 2214 staghorn

This little clam is growing inside this coral structure. The coral structure appears to be developing around the clam. It opens and closes its shell as I move around - so it is quite alive

sep 27 2220 inside clam

These tan towers are quite interesting

sep 27 2223 tan towers

A purple table coral

sep 27 2224 purple table coral

The blue-ish hairs must have a purpose.

sep 27 2230 sprouts

Here is Jumary - clowning around

sep 27 2237 jumary

And Aznon - picking up a sea urchin

sep 27 2241 aznan pickup urchin

Oops - lost it

sep 27 2242 aznan dive

Oops - found it

sep 27 2243 aznan hunting

And here it is

sep 27 2244 aznan urchin

The handoff to Jumary

sep 27 2245 aznan jumary urchin

But he is not so sure he wants this - so handoff back to Aznon

sep 27 2246 jumary urchin

Here the sea urching seems to just floating over his hand

sep 27 2250 aznan floating urchin

Interesting green stag horn coral

sep 27 2252 green staghorn

Closer view

Some sort of pink coral

sep 27 2259 pink coral

A closer look

sep 27 2263 coral close

More staghorn coral

sep 27 2273 staghorn stuff

A forest of sprouts

sep 27 2277 many buds

A blanket of something

sep 27 2286 coral blanket

sep 27 2289 orange circles

A big maze

sep 27 2290 big maze

Another contracted anemone

sep 27 2291 anemone buds

Another view

sep 27 2294 anemone buds

A close look at the strands

sep 27 2296 anemone buds close

A maze coral

sep 27 2300 maze coral

Many fish

sep 27 2341 many fish

Coral fish

sep 27 2349 coral fish

What I call polygon oral

sep 27 2357 polygon coral

sep 27 2363 coral stalks

white bottom fish

sep 27 2369 white fish

sep 27 2375 big buds

sep 27 2381 white buds

sep 27 2392 flat cylinder coral

Sea cucumber

sep 27 2398 sea cucumber

Aznon - above water

sep 27 2400 aznan

And Jumary

sep 27 2401 jumary

Looking at the clouds just before we leave

sep 27 0924 mapur island


sep 27 0930 jumary

And the little island

sep 27 0931 mapur island

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