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April 1, 2008 Returning to Singapore

Here are the flights from Singapore to Newark (SQ 22) and RDU (March 12, 2008) and returning April 1, 2008 (SQ 21)

Click and drag and zoom to explore the route. This trip was different. Usually SQ 21 uses a near polar route from Newark to Singapore. This time, the great circle route took us over Europe, across Iran, down across India and then over KL to Changi

New York at midnight - just after takeoff from Newark airport


I use these flights to test the limits of night photos - how to minimize motion artifact (airplane speed maybe 400 km/hr just after takeoff), vibration, window reflections, and my unstable hands. Here are more NYC lights


A bridge, perhaps the George Washington Bridge? We took off to the south, made a left turn and flew along the New Jersey border.


Sunset over Iran


Evening over India


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