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April 1, 2011:A weekend in Luang Prabang

How I got to Luang Prabang: SQ flight to Bangkok - then BankokAir flight to Luang Prabang

Altitude plot - to BKK and Luang Prabang

plot of flight from singapore to Bangkok to Luang Prabang

I was fortunate to have a seat over the engine - so caught some photos of the condensation vortex on takeoff

apr 01 2729 vortex

Note the shadow of the vortex

apr 01 2729 vortex shadow close

Another view

apr 01 2730 vortex

Once at the Pumila Guest House - I went walking

apr 01 2865 mekong

Mekong River

apr 01 2875 mekong river

A banana flower

apr 01 2886 banana flower

Another banana flower

apr 01 2904 banana flower


apr 01 2942 sunset

Sunset over the Mekong

apr 01 2992 sunset over mekong

More sunset

apr 01 3013 sunset


apr 01 3018 sunset luang prabang

This fisherman was passing over the sun reflection

apr 01 3075 sunset man

Sunset man

apr 01 3078 sunset man

Temple top - where I did sunrise

apr 01 3156 temple top

Then about 6pm - the night market was quite active

apr 01 3179 night market

Night street

apr 01 3194 night street

Night market

apr 01 3197 night market

Night dinner options: Outside food courts

apr 01 3203 night dinner

Bought spring rolls from this lady

apr 01 3208 spring roll lady

Cooking fish

apr 01 3215 fish cooking

Fish chef

apr 01 3216 fish chef

Dinner options

apr 01 3218 dinner

Dinner options

apr 01 3222 dinner

Dinner options

apr 01 3223 dinner

Looking across the Mekong

apr 01 3228 across mekong

Night dining

apr 01 3230 night dining

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