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April 4, 2011:Sunrise and Kuang Si Falls

My adventure to Kuang Si Falls

Plotting altitude up to Kuangsi Falls and then back to Luang Prabang

Altitude plot
of Kuangsi Falls adventure

Early each morning, the local monks walk somewhere

apr 04 4887 6am march of monks

I walked to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise - passing a rooster

apr 04 4893 rooster hen

Inside the temple area is an imprint of Buddha's foot

apr 04 4917 buddhas foot

Here is the footprint - pretty amazing

apr 04 4925 buddhas footprint

Morning haze - not much opportunity for an interesting sunrise

apr 04 4919 morning haze

The path from the main temple

apr 04 4930 temple path

A hazy sunrise

apr 04 4932 temple hazy sunrise

With flash

apr 04 4939 temple sunrise

And guardian cat and dog

apr 04 4947 temple sunrise

Sunrise Buddha

apr 04 4971 sunrise Buddha

Even in Laos - a connected world

apr 04 4984 connected

Walking back to the guest house, cooking on a wood fire. They use special clay pots that enable them to feed the wood into the center of the fire

apr 04 4992 wood fire cooking

Washing vegetables

apr 04 4993 morning prep

A balancing act

apr 04 5003 motorcycle balance


apr 04 5010 flags

Preparing morning meals

apr 04 5015 morning cooking

Now off to Kuangsi Falls - passing rice fields

apr 04 5058 new rice

What I call the lower falls

apr 04 5083 kuangsi falls

A ground butterfly

apr 04 5101 lao butterfly

Morning light

apr 04 5114 morning lily

A red flower

apr 04 5127 red flower

Kuangsi Falls - the upper falls

apr 04 5143 kuangsi falls

Walking back - a yummy fruit shake (8000 KIP = 1 US$)

apr 04 5169 fruit shakes

Back to Luang Prabang - and a large garden

apr 04 5180 hazy planting

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