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April 04, 2014:Lady Bug and Lizard

An eventful trip from Singapore - ended up in the ER with kidney stones and secondary Afib (I think triggered by the pain and vagal response). Stones passed with pain and Afib spontaneously reverted after 6 hours.

From Singapore --> Moscow --> Houston --> Tampa - with snow, delays and missed flights. But I managed to get home.

Next morning - a walk around the lake - a ladybug

apr 04 0382 ladybug

Another view of the ladybug

apr 04 0385 ladybug

Lantana dew

apr 04 0397 lantana drops

Bee harvesting pollen from a daisy

apr 04 0439 bee daisy

Another view

apr 04 0440 bee daisy

In Jay's office - a spider on the ceiling

apr 04 0481-85 stack spider

A more focused image - stacked

apr 04 0481 84 stack spider

A single image

apr 04 0481 ceiling spider

And at home - a small lizard

apr 04 0495 lizard

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