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April 6, 2008: Cyclosa insulana, Hoppers and fun

Here is my spider place - walking from our flat. Zoom in and drag around and find your home.

I returned to the spot where the Cyclosa insulana web was yesterday. It was still there. So here is the story. A bit of good news and bad news. As I was setting up, I managed to disturb one of the supporting web strands and half the web collapsed. The good news is that she woke up and showed herself. Here she is in her sleeping configuration

apr 06 2535 cyclosa behind web

Another view

apr 06 2542 cyclosa behind web

And her dinner - all nicely wrapped

apr 06 2551 cyclosa dinner

Then I managed to break the web

apr 06 2556 broken web

Half a web but see her work

apr 06 2557 cyclosa half web

A few strands here

apr 06 2558 cyclosa strand

Serious web repair

apr 06 2560 cyclosa web repair

and some acrobatics

apr 06 2562 cyclosa acrobatics

More web repair

apr 06 2563 cyclosa web repair

and so it goes

apr 06 2564 cyclosa web repair

While dinner is just waiting

apr 06 2566 cyclosa dinner

and a chance photo of her behind - with spinneret

apr 06 2567 spinneret

More web repair

apr 06 2572 web repair

and then back to the resting position

apr 06 2577 cyclosa resting

Nearby, was a Leucauge decorata doing some sort of ballet

apr 06 2582 leucauge ballet

Here she is

apr 06 2587 leucauge

And behind her web was a green and brown grasshopper

apr 06 2593 grasshopper

Another view

apr 06 2600 green grasshopper

and again

apr 06 2601 grasshopper

A few meters away was a small Nephila

apr 06 2606 nephila

with an Argyrodes behind her

apr 06 2611 argyrodes behind

Here she is

apr 06 2621 argyrodes

Now this is Melastomataceae - a lovely flower

apr 06 2628 melastomataceae

Another view

apr 06 2630 flower

And a yellow something.

apr 06 2631 yellow something

I was not sure if this was an insect or a piece of debris

apr 06 2634 yellow something

But it appeared to have legs - so I think its a serious insect

apr 06 2643 yellow something

another view

apr 06 2647 yellow something

And another grasshopper

apr 06 2654 green hopper

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