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April 8, 2009: A walk around the Duke campus

Where I walked

These are photos from my Nokia 5800 and Olympus 8000 (underwater point and shoot). So its a challenge to adjust the exposure to get a reasonable sky which was quite bright.

Its April 6 and 7 - This is where OIT lives now - the renovated American Tobacco Company

apr 06 007 oit atc

Shadows along Science Drive

apr 07 009 sci dr shadows

The French Science Building - linked to Gates and Microsoft

apr 07 010 french sci bldg

Another view of the French Science Building

apr 07 013 french sci bldg

The LSRC where Computer Science lives

apr 07 017 lsrc

THe walk toward the School of Engineering

apr 07 020 engrg walk

The engineering building

apr 07 022 engrg bldg

Along Research Drive - has there ever been a time when construction was not in progress?

apr 07 027 research drive

THe LSRC and Computer Science

apr 07 028 cs lsrc

Now its April 8 - the Sandford Building

apr 08 033 sanford bldg

The back door

apr 08 035 sanford bldg

The arch at the entry to the campus

apr 08 042 entrance arch

Looking back - now its an exit arch

apr 08 047 exit arch

The tower at House J where I started my Duke time

apr 08 049 J tower

The House J arch

apr 08 050 J arch

Looking toward the Bryan Center - an octopus tree shadow

apr 08 052 octopus arch shadows

Shadows toward the Bryan Building

apr 08 055 bryan shadows

The Duke Chapel (Nokia photo)

apr 08 062 duke chapel

The Duke Chapel (Olympus point and shoot photo)

apr 08 3693 duke chapel

Shadows on the library

apr 08 3706 library shadows

Walking down a hall in Duke South

apr 08 3733 duke south hall

A window in the Morris Building

apr 08 3737 window

Shadows along the walk from Duke South to Duke North

apr 08 3741 north south walk

More walkway shadows

apr 08 3750 north south walk shadows

And more shadows - I find the geometric forms almost magnetic in catching my attention. apr 08 3754 duke north

More shadows

apr 08 3756 north south walk

The new addition to Duke North

apr 08 3758 duke north new

Shadows toward the entrance to Duke North

apr 08 3760 duke north entrance

Reflections on the Duke North tower

apr 08 3763 duke north tower

Shadows toward the library

apr 08 3768 library walk

Walking back to Duke South - more shadows and geometric shapes

apr 08 3773 north south walk

last shadows

apr 08 3776 north south walk

At the Duke Gardens - shadows from the root patterns on the gazebo

apr 08 3814 gazebo

Shadows on the garden steps

apr 08 3819 garden steps

Its spring

apr 08 3823 spring

Exiting the Duke Gardens - shadows

apr 08 3830 garden exit shadows

The yellow brick road leads to the Duke Chapel

apr 08 3831 duke chapel

The main quad

apr 08 3856 main quad

Through the arches

apr 08 3858 arch

and through another arch

apr 08 3861 through the arch

The clock tower

apr 08 3869 clock tower

The house J bell tower

apr 08 3871 J bell tower

The house J bell tower

apr 08 3876 J bell tower

The clock tower through the arch

apr 08 3878 arch clock tower

Through the arch

apr 08 3881 through arch

The clock tower through the arch

apr 08 3883 arch clock tower

apr 08 3898 arch

Through the exit arches

apr 08 3900 exit arches

Where students camp before basketball tickets are served

apr 08 3908 K-ville

This is the door to the Duke stadium. Maddy Spach and I ran this track during lunch for probably 15 years.

apr 08 3916 stadium door

Our track

apr 08 3919 stadium

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