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April 11, 2008: Getting to Bintan, lunch and snorkeling

(This is the activated Google Map of our ferry trip to and from Bintan + ride from Tanjung Pinang to Agro Beach + snorkeling.. The purple trace is our first snorkel adventure. The green trace is our snorkel adventure to Mapur Island (wow, simply wow). Click and drag to find your way around Bintan and nearby islands).

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

apr 11 0013 tanah merah

SQ takeoff and our leaving Tanah Merah

apr 11 0024 sq leaving tanah merah


apr 11 0030 singapore

Serious Doyle

apr 11 0059 doyle working

These two guys were sitting across from us. The carried out a highly animated conversation for the entire 2 hour ferry trip.

apr 11 0061 animated conversation

Animated conversation

apr 11 0062 animated conversation

Doyle working as we approach Bintan

apr 11 0066 doyle working

More animated conversation

apr 11 0077 animated conversation

continuous animation

apr 11 0106 animated conversation

Welcome to Bintan

apr 11 0157 welcome

Bintan Harbor

apr 11 0163 bintan harbor

Bintan Harbor

apr 11 0164 bintan harbor

Frank is back (according to Josh)

apr 11 0178 frank is back

Lunch at the Agro Beach Resort

apr 11 0183 lunch

Mixed Veges

apr 11 0184 mixed veges

Squid Salad

apr 11 0185 squid salad

Red Snapper

apr 11 0187 snapper

Our snorkel place

apr 11 0213 snorkel place

Clown Fish

apr 11 0217 clown fish

A not-so-friendly jelly fish

apr 11 0221 jelly fish


apr 11 0224 head coral

Green coral

apr 11 0230 green coral

Brain coral

apr 11 0235 brain coral

Green coral

apr 11 0246 green coral

Giant clam

apr 11 0257 big clam

Clown fish

apr 11 0260 clown fish


apr 11 0268 coral fish

Fish on the horizon

apr 11 0284 fish horizon

For a few months when the winds come from the west, jelly fish invade these waters. Vinegar helps to reduce the sting (after of course).

apr 11 0289 jelly fish

without words

apr 11 0290 jelly fish

Without words

apr 11 0292 jelly fish

A sea urching

apr 11 0297 sea urchin

And a blue something

apr 11 0299 blue something

Our team

apr 11 0317 team

and more snorkeling

apr 11 0353 coral

Colors everywhere

apr 11 0356 coral

and the last

apr 11 0357 coral

After snorkeling - I went in search of spiders. Finding none, I did find a fun assassin bug and some rather striking flowers

apr 11 2670 red flower

A lonely water lily

apr 11 2675 lonely water lily

A yellow flower

apr 11 2684 yellow flower

Here was an assassin bug hiding inside the flower - or eating or something

apr 11 2688 pink assassin behind

I forgot what this is called - but the colors were amazing

apr 11 2691 stamen pink

I managed to coax our friend out of his/her hiding place for a photo shoot

apr 11 2714 pink assassin side

He / she crawled up the side of one of the petals

apr 11 2715 assassin flower

Another view with nice shadows

apr 11 2716 pink assassin


apr 11 2719 pink assassin walking

sort of looking around

apr 11 2721 assassin looking

and he/she hopped to a leaf

apr 11 2735 assassin leaf

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