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April 12, 2008: Bintan, Doyle and Mapur Island

(This is the activated Google Map of our boat ride to Mapur Island. Click and drag to find your way around Bintan and nearby islands).

Here is where we put in. When the tide is out, it is necessary to find a nearby place with a channel to escape

apr 12 0399 agro pier

Our boat

apr 12 0401 agro boat

Leaving the channel

apr 12 0402 leaving

Our team

apr 12 0403 agro pilot


apr 12 0406 fishermen

Rishermen reflections

apr 12 0408 fishermen reflections

Our team - all smiles

apr 12 0414 agro team

A fisherman near Mapur Island

apr 12 0432 morning fishing

Then into the water. I have never seen such underwater beauty anywhere in the world. Doyle and I were in the water, probably 3 hours

apr 12 0462 sgt major coral

Seems that jelly fish are part of the underwater beauty

apr 12 0480 jelly fish coral

Some angel fish

apr 12 0497 angel coral

ANd the eye of a sea urchin

apr 12 0500 sea urchin eye

And a jelly fish watching everything I do

apr 12 0516 jelly fish

An interesting yellow fish

apr 12 0517 coral shelf fish

When the jelly fish gets too close - its time for a quick macro and escape

apr 12 0521 jelly macro

Some sort of black fish

apr 12 0541 black fish coral

So much color and life

apr 12 0544 many fish coral

A distant jelly fish

apr 12 0545 coral jelly

And another eye of an urchin

apr 12 0573 urchin eye

Clown fish in their home

apr 12 0593 clown

More clowns

apr 12 0599 clowns

My best clown photo - the guys there called them "Nemo Fish"

apr 12 0604 clowns

More corel

apr 12 0619 plates

A white spine urchin

apr 12 0624 while urchin

Sort of like buds

apr 12 0631 horn buds

Another sea urchin

apr 12 0636 urchin eye

A funny yellow fish

apr 12 0683 yellow fish coral

An angel fish

apr 12 0686 yellow angel


apr 12 0692 coral

Red coral

apr 12 0746 red coral

Another jelly fish

apr 12 0768 jelly

And the fun sergeant major fish

apr 12 0803 sgt major

The many colors of coral

apr 12 0819 coral colors

The beach

apr 12 0846 beach

And rocks. You can see the dark area to the right - our coral garden

apr 12 0847 beach rocks

Our team

apr 12 0851 team

Preparing for our escape

apr 12 0852 team

A lone fisherman

apr 12 0867 fisherman

The storm

apr 12 0873 storm

Our wet team plowing through the swells

apr 12 0912 team

SLightly less blurred team

apr 12 0913 team

And home - with a wet fisherman

apr 12 0918 fisherman

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