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April 13, 2008: Sunrise and walking to the fishing village

(This is the activated Google Map of our walk to the fishing village. Click and drag to find your way around Bintan and nearby islands).

For Doyle and myself - this was our last day. We were slightly overdosed with snorkeling and decided to take a walk to the nearby fishing village - about 5 km from Argo Beach. But first - The Sun-Moon restuarant where we sort of over do it. Quiet in the early morning at low tide

apr 13 2863 sun moon boats

Sunrise. To the left is a man hunting for shell fish

apr 13 2873 sunrise fishing

A bit later - he is still hunting

apr 13 2887 sunrise hunter

Later, yet and wsa checking one of his crab traps

apr 13 2892 sunrise hunter

Clouds appeared and as well as interesting reflections

apr 13 2901 sunrise hunter

The new face of the Agro Beach Resort

apr 13 2908 new agro beach

Nearby fishing huts

apr 13 2909 fisher huts

and a fishing boat

apr 13 2919 fishing boat

Another visitor taking photos of their little one

apr 13 2921 taking photo

Our lone hunter, still hunting

apr 13 2928 lonely fishing

Then Doyle and I started our walk - see the red trace on the Google Map above - and passed some fishing huts

apr 13 2937 fishing hut

We entered an alley that turned into the main path to the fishing village on stilts

apr 13 2941 fishing village

This guy was trying to turn his boat over for repairs

apr 13 2942 boat repair

A view of the main road, bridge and larger fishing boats

apr 13 2944 fishing village

Reflections of a sleeping village

apr 13 2975 sleeping village

Reflections of clouds

apr 13 2978 difficult life

Sort of a rainbow row of roofs and a morning ride on the water

apr 13 2986 low tide ride

Starting back, we stopped for a cool drink

apr 13 2997 doyle sweat juice

And up the road, this young lady was studying

apr 13 2998 hmm studying

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