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April 13, 2010:Walden Lake

I went for a walk around Walden Lake, near our home in Florida - got lots of nice photo-ops with dragonflies and a few spiders.

apr 13 4475 golden dfly

Bee and Blackberry blossom

apr 13 4487 bee blossom

Bee and Blackberry blossom

apr 13 4489 bee blackberry blossom

Leucauge venusta and dinner

apr 13 4506 venusta dinner

Venusta eyes

apr 13 4509 venusta eyes

Web diffraction

apr 13 4517 venusta diffraction

Venusta and her web

apr 13 4523 venusta web

Another view

apr 13 4527 venusta web

Green on green

apr 13 4546 green on green dfly

Another Leucauge venusta

apr 13 4555 venusta

Green dragonfly

apr 13 4561 green dfly

Blue dragonfly

apr 13 4578 blue dfly

Blue dragonfly

apr 13 4580 blue dfly

Walking back - these guys were net fishing - so I got a sequence of casting the net. Next time I'll try a wide open lens to try to blur the background

apr 13 4590 casting

up - up

apr 13 4591 casting

and away

apr 13 4592 casting

Net falling into the water

apr 13 4593 net fall

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