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April 14, 2010:Night Spiders

When I was in Brunei, Joseph Koh (the Singapore High Commissioner in Brunei and a great spider guy) taught me a trick. Strap an LED torch to your head like a miner's lamp and as you walk, the light from the torch will be reflected by spider eyes. Then walk to the spot and sure enough, there is a spider looking at you. I tried it last night and sure enough - it works with US spiders also. The US night spiders are more shy and so they often moved before I could take their photo - but I did get a few.

Here is a night spider and web

apr 14 4603 night spider web

A night huntsman, I think, almost impossible to spot because her colors match that of dry leaves and the earth.

apr 14 4606 night hunter

Another night orb weaver

apr 14 4608 night orb

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