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April 14, 2014:Owls and Water Birds

Some observations about infant Barred Owls.

  • April 5:I first saw the two babies in their tree home - both peering out at whomever was walking along the jogging path.
  • April 6: I located two large barred owls - which I assume were the mom and dad - perched nearby but high and difficult to locate.
  • April 7: One of the small babies was looking at me
  • April 12 am: One of the babies was still in the tree home - so I took some video. The other baby had left the next and was perched on a small limb about 1 meter above the nest. While watching, she used her wing-assisted jumping skills to move from one limb to another and gradually started climbing up the tree - seemd he/she was unable to climb down - or maybe just instinct said climb up. Whatever, it appears that flapping wings is a reflect act associated with loss of balance and maybe this is how they learn to fly.
  • April 13 am: The climbing owl was still resting where I left him the night before. The nesting owl - a bit more active and came out to the edge of the nest. She looking around and was not very steady - suggesting balance was not fully developed (and Jack says, perhaps nerves not myelinated yet).
  • April 13 pm: The climbing baby had crossed from one tree to another still headed up. Mom and dad were still watching me. No evidence of the nesting baby. Dee says she saw it on the jogging path - but I've seen nothing to suggest she survived her fall.
  • April 14 am: Mom (or dad) still watching. The climbing baby continues to climb and flap wings to maintain balance. It seems to me the babies are quite vulnerable now - cannot fly - and perched high in trees - perhaps easy for a hawk or buzzard to see???

April 13 evening: Mom (or dad)

apr 13 1904 parent owl

Mom or dad

apr 13 1906 mama owl

Watching me

apr 13 1922 parent owl

I walked closer to her tree to get a better shot

apr 13 1933 parent

Another view

apr 13 1944 parent barred owl

April 14 morning: Morning birds fishing for breakfast. A blue heron and wood stork

apr 14 1954 blue heron wood stork

Intereseting combination: Blue heron, wood stork and Anhinga

apr 14 1957 blue heron wood stork anhinga

Stork and Heron

apr 14 1961 blue heron wood stork

Reflections of a wood stork

apr 14 1966 wood stork reflection

Then walking to the nest. Here is the baby - perched high about me - maybe 10 meters

apr 14 1972 baby barred owl

Looking at me

apr 14 1978 baby barred owl

She is turning around - and using her wings for balance - a reflex?

apr 14 1980 baby barred owl turning

More balancing practice

apr 14 1984 turning

Mom (or dad) watching

apr 14 1986 mama barred owl

ONe last attempt at balance - on 1 leg

apr 14 1987 baby turning balance reflex

Now in her new position - looking down at me

apr 14 1990 new perch upside down

From a different angle

apr 14 1996 watching me

While mom watches

apr 14 2000 mama barred owl

Now back to the lake and watch the birds hunt for breakfast. A blue heron that just caught a fish

apr 14 2007 blue heron breakfast

I spooked her so she is flying away - with fish in her mouth

apr 14 2009 blue heron flying breakfast

A wood stork - hunting

apr 14 2010 wood stork

Duke, Wood stork and Snowy Egret

apr 14 2017 three birds

Snowy Egret and Wood Stork

apr 14 2021 snowy egret wood stork

Duck flying in - as stork and egret watch

apr 14 2022 wood stork snowy egret

Stork, Ducks and Heron

apr 14 2031 wood stork blue heron 6 ducklets

The blue heron caught a fish - and the stork is thinking what to do

apr 14 2036 wood stork blue heron with breakfast

The blue heron does not wait around and takes off

apr 14 2038 flying fish

And the wood stork also does a little takeoff manouver

apr 14 2043 wood stork takeoff

Large blue heron, Snowy Egret and Wood Stork

apr 14 2080 snowy egret blue heron wood stork

The wood stork caught a small fish

apr 14 2110 wood stork breakfast fish

Another view

apr 14 2176 wood stork fish

Reflections of a wood stork

apr 14 2214 wood stork reflection


apr 14 2225 two birds

More reflections

apr 14 2245 wood stork reflection

Blue heron

apr 14 2275 blue heron

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