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April 21, 2009: Ben and a site survey

Where we went (the FPL Powerline track - about 10 km in length)

First through the gate and a thistle and a bee. This shot was mostly luck, to catch the bee flying and pretty good focus

apr 21 1246 flying bee

Harvesting with some sort of insect watching from the middle and another from the side

apr 21 1239 purple bee

Hovering over the insect in the middle

apr 21 1243 bee bug


apr 21 1244 flying bee

A butterfly came by and the bee left

apr 21 1254 butterfly

She flexed her wings

apr 21 1257 butterfly

As we entered the powerline wetlands - we passed a deer - who was as curious about me as I about him/her

apr 21 1262 deer

She ended her curiosity and took off running for the road

apr 21 1279 deer running

and crossed the road - another lucky shot

apr 21 1282 deer crossing

Here is the powerline - about as straight as straight can be

apr 21 1286 fpl road

This is bad news - cattails that propagate like wild fire

apr 21 1288 cat tails

Here is a native plant that has just appeared

apr 21 1289 purple volunteers

A pond with a cattail patch at the end

apr 21 1292 cattail infestation

A yellow flower

apr 21 1300 yellow flower

A view of the tree line mostly pines

apr 21 1302 site

A pink flower

apr 21 1305 pink flower

St John's wort

apr 21 1309 st johns wart

A view of the power lines and non-native plant infestation

apr 21 1312 site

An incomplete treatment - coming back

apr 21 1316 coming back

A white flower

apr 21 1326 white flower

Another white flower

apr 21 1328 white flower

Yellow flower

apr 21 1332 yellow flower

Another view

apr 21 1340 yellow flower

Alligators occupy these ponds which line the powerline path

apr 21 1343 gator

Looks like he rolled over - and just sleeping with his eyes wide open

apr 21 1349 gator head

More cat tails

apr 21 1353 cat tails

And a family of baby alligators - and mom is not far away

apr 21 1497 creeping grass alligators

Here is mom

apr 21 1520 mama alligator

Ben looking at the babies

apr 21 1524 ben alligator family

Mom's home, you can see where she beat the grass down to make a nice warm home for her eggs

apr 21 1549 alligator nest

Two babies swimming

apr 21 1553 baby alligators

A pine stand

apr 21 1569 pine stand

And me - just foolin' around

apr 21 1575 me

A lone pine

apr 21 1578 lone pine

A lone dead pine

apr 21 1588 pines

A pond

apr 21 1598 pond

Power lines

apr 21 1606 power lines

Resting alligator - looks like a log. Ben can spot them a km away. I can't see them until I almost step on them

apr 21 1615 alligator

Alligator eyes

apr 21 1620 alligator eyes

Watching me

apr 21 1631 alligator swimming

Another alligator

apr 21 1637 alligator resting

Pond and alligator

apr 21 1649 alligator pond

We encounted a few cattle

apr 21 1671 cattle

They were as curious about us - probably thought we were bringing dinner

apr 21 1684 cattle

A bird - slightly out of focus

apr 21 1694 bird

Resting alligator

apr 21 1709 resting alligator


apr 21 1721 pond

Tracks of an alligator tail

apr 21 1728 alligator tail track

Pink flower

apr 21 1729 pink flower

Another pink flower and stem

apr 21 1748 pink flower

Pink flower

apr 21 1760 pink flower

Yellow flower and bud

apr 21 1770 yellow flower

Salt grass

apr 21 1783 salt grass

Thistle and a skipper

apr 21 1787 thistle skipper

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