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April 21, 2010:Florida Power and Light

Ben picked me up about 8am to drive down to the Florida Power and Light project. They have been doing quite a bit of herbicide work and plantings. Last year - the place was overrun with non-native plants and undesirables such as cat tails and razor grass. This year - what a change. And lots of alligators in the little ponds.

How we got there

The road in

apr 21 5876 road

A view of the power line right-of-way

apr 21 5920 perspective

And a raccoon hiding from us

apr 21 5932 raccoon

And an alligator hiding from us

apr 21 5941 hiding gator

One of the classes of water plants Ben and his team planted

apr 21 5950 yellow flower

A restored area

apr 21 5957 purple flower

An alligator wake

apr 21 5980 gator wake

Moving on

apr 21 5998 gator reflections

I like the purity of the reflected white

apr 21 6046 lily reflection

Looking at me

apr 21 6050 gator reflection

apr 21 6058 gator

Water lily

apr 21 6061 water lily

A water plant that starts with "S"

apr 21 6064 water plant

Sandhill Crane

apr 21 6080 sandhill crane

A baby gator

apr 21 6140 gator

A teenage gator

apr 21 6153 gator

Closer look

apr 21 6180 gator

Another baby gator

apr 21 6206 gator

Power line path

apr 21 6211 fpl line

Water lilies

apr 21 6221 lilies


apr 21 6226 reflections

Power lines

apr 21 6229 fpl lines

Not a log

apr 21 6245 gator reflection

Not a log

apr 21 6263 gator

Green Dragonfly

apr 21 6269 green dragonfly

Assassin bug + Star Rush aka White top sedge aka Rhynchospora colorata

apr 21 6271 assassin bug star flower

Open - without an assassin bug

apr 21 6274 white star flower

Just opening

apr 21 6286 white star flower

Fully open

apr 21 6289 white star flower

Half open

apr 21 6292 white star flower


apr 21 6295 forgetme not

Sandhill Crane

apr 21 6303 sandhill crane

And the beginning of the road home

apr 21 6317 road to fpl

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