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April 23, 2014: Bluebill Heron

Jogging and oximetry data

Ibis and green algae

apr 23 3874 ibis algae

Ibis flying

apr 23 3876 ibis flying

Ibis landing

apr 23 3878 ibis takeoff

Tricolor (Bluebill) Heron

apr 23 3892 bluebill heron

Tricolor (Bluebill) Heron hunting

apr 23 3894 bluebill hunting

Tricolor (Bluebill Heron)

apr 23 3901 bluebill heron

Tricolor Heron - Another view

apr 23 3903 bluebill heron

Wings of a Tricolor Bluebill Heron

apr 23 3910 bluebill wings

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