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April 25, 2014: Last jog before returning to Singapore

Hover over the red pins to see HR and %O2 Sat. Hover over the cyan arrows to see the cumulative distance. Jogging distance 2.8 Km, total distance 3.7 km.

Jogging track

Data points (hover over pin to see time, HR and % O2 Sat)

Summary of the past 2 weeks of data (HR and % O2 Sat)

Past two weeks

HR and % O2 Sat profile as a function of time (during walk and jog)

Past two weeks

After jogging - bird and spider hunting

apr 25 4471 blue heron fishing

A blue heron fishing

apr 25 4472 fishing

After fishing - nothing

apr 25 4474 after fishing

Spooked her - a blue heron flying

apr 25 4479 blue heron flying

More flying

apr 25 4480 blue heron flying

More flying

apr 25 4482 blue heron flying

More flying

apr 25 4483 blue heron flying

A flying reflection

apr 25 4485 flying reflection

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