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August 2, 2011 From Hyderabad to Chennai

The driver got me from One Continent to the airport in record time. While going to the airport, I thought about why there were no sunrise and sunsets - always cloudy. Then I realized that this is the monsoon season and of course there are clouds hiding the sunrise/sunsets. I tested this hypothesis in Chennai - also the monsoon season and sure enough - clouds hid the sunset and sunrise

August 3, 2011 Walking about TTK Road (in search of an ATM machine)

Here are the tracks around TTK Road and Chamiers Road. Lunch with Krishnan in Adyar, life at Kings Service Apartment (wonderful staff) and visit to Child's Trust Hospital

One of my favorite adventures in Chennai is waking up with Chennai along TTK road. Here are morning lights from 5 sec exposures. Red tail lights and white headlights.

aug 03 2643 morning lights

In front of the Park Sheraton

aug 03 2646 morning lights

Across TTK Road toward the Park Sheraton

aug 03 2650 morning lights

Early morning church

aug 03 2656 morning church

Early morning tea. There always seems to be a tea stall here - wonder if its the same guys as 10 years ago

aug 03 2663 early morning tea

These folks are just setting up - adjacent to the Hindu Temple

aug 03 2676 early morning prep

This is a special street. 10 years ago, I caught this street just as the sun was coming up. The pastel colors were amazing. Its monsoon season so mostly clouds and the lighting is too diffuse to bring out the color contrasts but here is my favorite street in Chennai

aug 03 2683 colorful structures

Another view

aug 03 2704 colorful alley

This is the temple at the head of the street

aug 03 2713 colorful temple

A closer view

aug 03 2713 colorful temple close

Another look

aug 03 2715 colorful temple

CP Ramaswamy Snack Bar - now fully awake

aug 03 2719 ramasawamy snack bar

Walking back to the hotel - very little traffic

aug 03 2730 morning ttk road

Guys talking

aug 03 2733 morning talking

Morning coffee and morning news

aug 03 2737 morning news

Sleeping autos

aug 03 2739 morning autos

Very un-Chennai: almost no traffic

aug 03 2746 ttk road

A great coffee / tea stand with some yummies

aug 03 2755 shifty eyes

Cooling tea - this is always an act fun to watch

aug 03 2761 cooling tea

Low light makes long exposures and interesting blurred regions.

aug 03 2770 cooling tea

Another view

aug 03 2776 cooling tea

Pouring milk (Indian coffee / tea is made with milk, not water)

aug 03 2800 pouring milk

A morning smoke

aug 03 2803 morning smoke

Thick with posters

aug 03 2808 posters

Yet another tea stall

aug 03 2818 tea stall

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