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August 4, 2011:Surveying the VOCM Churches

Here are the projects: Schools and Churches. Projects are marked with way point symbols. Hover over the symbol and the name is displayed

Off to survey each of the church projects. Here is the first one

aug 04 3573 vocm church

An English class inside

aug 04 3579 english class

The kids and the minister. In the background is a photo of Betty Shelton

aug 04 3592 inside church

Pastor, wife and son

aug 04 3598 pastor family

Village scene - cow, mud hut with thatched roof ...

aug 04 3606 village

Next VOCM church

aug 04 3621 vocm church

Inside the church

aug 04 3641 inside church

With the pastor

aug 04 3643 pastor

The old church with collapsing roof

aug 04 3663 church collapsed roof

Even in the middle of nowhere - connectivity is there

aug 04 3630 connected

Even though its monsoon season, there is little rain, The water table is about 15 meters below the surface as seen here

aug 04 3679 well water

While I was walking about the old church, some school kids came bay - all huge smiles

aug 04 3699 smiles kids

More smiles

aug 04 3704 smiles

Everyone wanted their photo taken

aug 04 3707 kids smiles

Interesting headwear. A bucket of wood and a bucket of something

aug 04 3924 headware

I can relate to this - an old man riding a bicycle

Pink students

aug 04 3933 pink ladies

Another VOCM church

aug 04 3939 vocm church

Another VOCM church with a well. A problem with the pump

aug 04 3963 vocm church

Inside the church

aug 04 3987 inside church

The roof is soon to collapse

aug 04 3998 breaking roof

Nearby water ladies. Colorful and getting water from the tap

aug 04 3978 water ladies

Here is a village of pig farmers

aug 04 4006 pig farmer homes


aug 04 4020 cooking

Another view

aug 04 4023 cooking

Cooking with a smile

aug 04 4034 fixing dinner

The color of green

aug 04 4043 color of green

The pig pen

aug 04 4055 clean pigs

Village ladies

aug 04 4064 village folks

Another lady cooking

aug 04 4074 cooking smiles

Colorful rice - a wet plot and green almost ready to harvest rice

aug 04 4101 colorful rice

Walking back - we passed Betty Shelton's grave

aug 04 4104 betty shelton grave

Colorful horns

aug 04 4127 cow cart

Riding high

aug 04 4141 two wheeler

Hanging on

aug 04 4145 hanging on

Connected - another cell phone tower

aug 04 4158 connected

Heading home for the evening

Cows on the way home - with green green rice in the background

aug 04 4170 cows home

Heading home

aug 04 4173 going home

Evening herd

aug 04 4180 evening herd

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