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August 6, 2011:Visiting a far church

We surveyed schools in the morning and late in the afternoon, realized we had overlooked a church to the northeast. The blue trace

Where we went

We left by motorcycle from VOCM. Here are some VOCM guys

aug 05 5156 vocm guys

Along the way - lady carrying a pile of wood probably taller than she is

aug 05 5169 carrying wood

Animal shelter

aug 05 5180 animal shelter

Rice planting in a paddy field

aug 05 5198 paddy planting

Its late, low light and walking the cows home

aug 05 5211 walking cows

Amusing headware

aug 05 5213 head wear

Late sunlight on a red field

aug 05 5222 land prep

A home under palms

aug 05 5225 mud home thatched roof

Waiting paddies

aug 05 5231 rice palms

Lady in the field

aug 05 5246 rice lady

A paddy and palm reflections

aug 05 5258 palm reflections

More reflections

aug 05 5261 palm reflections

We encountered an empass: Buss going one way, heavily laden auto going the other way on a 1 lane road. We were behind on our motorcycle, of course

aug 05 5267 close encounters

Fully loaded

aug 05 5273 loaded

I first encountered this in Nepal - riding a motorcycle from Kathmandu to Godavarie - This is rice - spread on the road so that as folks drive over it, the rice is separated from the straw. Later the sweep up the rice and put it on a cloth for drying

aug 05 5285 rice prep

Fully connected - a satellite home and probably mobile phone also connected

aug 05 5297 satellite hut

Colorful cows

aug 05 5300 colorful cows

A VOCM church

aug 05 5315 church


aug 05 5318 inside church

Two ladies - elders of the church

aug 05 5368 prayer

The old church and collapsing roof

aug 05 5321 old church

Walking colors

aug 05 5327 colorful walk

Evening sky

aug 05 5330 evening sky

Village connectivity: cell phone tower

aug 05 5337 village connectivity

Colorful homes

aug 05 5343 colorful homes

Another view of the cell phone tower

aug 05 5345 village connectivity

A temporary temple

aug 05 5351 temp temple

Carrying palm wood for dinner fire

aug 05 5355 village wood

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