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August 11, 2012:AHBT with Larry, Colleen, Bernard and Shawn

Last night was amazing. A small gathering of MMOS folks at the Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail. Its been quite dry for the past several days so not a lot to show - but here is what I saw.

Plant hopper

aug 11 8881 plant hopper

Green Lizard - sort of resting and watching

aug 11 8882 green lizard

And a large praying mantis - just posing in all different sort of ways

aug 11 8905 mantis cleaning

Cleaning his/her leg

aug 11 8908 mantis cleaning

Praying Mantis - pose 2

aug 11 8910 mantis

From below - ventral side

aug 11 8914 mantis ventral


aug 11 8916 praying mantis

Climbing and watching

aug 11 8918 praying mantis

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