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December 01, 2014: Rice Planting, Schools and Church Growth

A long trip to Chennai and then home to Singapore (SQ 529).

I like walking in the rice fields - the colors of green are so vibrant. If I'm lucky, the ladies in their colorful saries will be planting. Sort of embarrassing - look at their flexibility - as they bend over to set a rice seedling.

dec 01 0238 planting rice

The color of green

dec 01 0287 planting rice

More colors. For me, the colors of India is a redeeming feature - I can ignore the clutter and smell and simply enjoy the colors and street food

dec 01 0305 planting rice

More Colors.

dec 01 0306 planting rice

Sign to Gingee - and all the temples at Melmalayanur

dec 01 0312 gingee sign

Valathi Outreach Matriculation School - I helped set up a lab here 10 years ago

dec 01 0315 valathi school

Inside the school yard

dec 01 0317 inside schoolyard

So many smiles. Getting an education in rural India is a challenge. Betty Shelton has built more schools and churches in the Valathi / Gingee area than I can count

dec 01 0319 class smiles

More Smiles

dec 01 0321 class smiles

Primary school class

dec 01 0336 jr class


dec 01 0343 VOCM sign

Walking back into the main intersection (only intersection) - banana lady. Price of a bunch of small, sweet bananas - about 10 rupees - or 25 cents

dec 01 0350 banana lady


dec 01 0357 smile

THis man makes fantastic tea. Instead of making with water, they make it with scalded mile (right pot) - then cool it by pouring it from one cup to another cup

dec 01 0361 tea man

Planting rice

dec 01 0367 planting rice

Planting rice and colors of green

dec 01 0380 planting rice

The secondary school we built - 1st day of classes

dec 01 0383 betty shelton school

Dedicated on Friday - classes on Monday

dec 01 0384 class

More smiles

dec 01 0385 class

Driving back to Chennai - we visited on of Betty's churches at Irukundrapalli - that is growing so they are building a wall around the old church and will expand the size

dec 01 0387 whisky road church growing

Inside the church

dec 01 0391 inside chruch


dec 01 0404 chruch construction

Feb 10, 2016 - completion of the expansion

Dedication - and for some reason I don't understand, I am unable to provide the proper orientation of the first 3 images

DSC 0020.JPG

DSC 0031.JPG

DSC 0042.JPG

DSC 0081.JPG

And the flight home (SQ 529)

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