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December 5, 2010: Friendly Telemonia dimidiata butterflies and a surprise crab spider

This is from Saturday, Dec 4, 2010. The beginning of a big big rain storm. So had to make a few photos - as the water was interesting. This is sort of the evolution of a flower

dec 04 8084 evolution

Rain drops on a white flower

dec 04 8085 rain drops

And a big surprise. I was chasing this butterfly around - here and there. She alighted on this yellow flower and I managed to get a couple of photos - one with ok focus. When I got home, I realized that there was a crab spider poised to capture the butterfly. Look in the lower right of the flower and you'll see the crab spider eyes and front legs

dec 05 8088 crab butterfly

The same butterfly after she escaped with her life (literally)

dec 05 8089 butterfly grass

A delta-wing moth

dec 05 8091 delta wing

The color of white

dec 05 8097 color white

Eyes of a butterfly

dec 05 8111 butterfly eye

And a jumping spider: Telamonia dimidiata - dorsal shot

dec 05 8117 telamonia dimidiata dorsal

Telamonia dimidiata face to face

dec 05 8123 telamonia dimidiata eyes

And form the side

dec 05 8124 telamonia dimidiata

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