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December 6, 2011:Birdbath and Feeder Episodes

Where I went

I never realized that birds had tongues - but here is a tui sticking out her tongue - part of the bathing process it seems

dec 06 7501 tui tongue

Shaking off water and sticking out the tongue

dec 06 7509 tui tongue

Just chillin' a bit

dec 06 7514 wet tui

Shaking her tail

dec 06 7535 tui tongue shaking

Water flying everywhere. The exposure was to long and so the water drops appear as dashes -

dec 06 7551 hui shaking water

Chillin' a bit more

dec 06 7566 wet hui

More tail shaking and water drops

dec 06 7605 shaking water

Shaking again

dec 06 7629 wet tui

Now just waiting. I like the little white feather on her throat

dec 06 7690 wet tui

Nice silhouette

dec 06 7706 tui tree

Preparing for takeoff

dec 06 7713 hui flapping

Nice view of the white throat feathers

dec 06 7724 tui drops

Standing at attention

dec 06 7728 hui


dec 06 7747 whitehead

Bell bird

dec 06 7807 bell bird


dec 06 7831 stitch bird


dec 06 7841 stitch bird

Stitchbird - she sings amazing songs

dec 06 7852 stitch bird


dec 06 7882 stitch bird


dec 06 7894 stitch bird


dec 06 7923 fantail

Fantail with wings extended

dec 06 7924 fantail

Tui taking a bath. - What I did was watch the birds bathing for some time, then continued to walk to a feeding station to see the bellbirds and stitchbirds - then returned to the bath

dec 06 7943 wet tui

Shaking and water drops

dec 06 7947 shaking tui

Sort of standing at attention shaking

dec 06 7953 shaking tui

A better view of well formed water drops

dec 06 7958 tui drops

Silhouette of a Hui

dec 06 7964 wet tui tree

Standing on a tree stub

dec 06 7967 tui tree

Time out from bird watching - a view of the Auckland space needle on the left and Linda's place at the Sentinel (tallest building on the right)

dec 06 7989 auckland sentinel

A red crown parakeet

dec 06 7999 red crown parakeet

Different view

dec 06 8004 red crown parakeet

Same parakeet - different view trying to catch the beak

dec 06 8006 red crown parakeet

A something. I thought a takahe, but that was wrong

dec 06 8021 takahe

Sunset with highlighted edges

dec 06 8035 sunset


dec 06 8039 sunset


dec 06 8048 sunset

End of sunset

dec 06 8059 sunset

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