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December 08, 2012: Return of Nephila pilipes

When I see Asystasia gangeticum a favorite along side Melastoma I simply smile. These simple flowers, for some reason I can't identify, grab my attention and I just look. Occasionally, I find a crab spider lurking inside. In this case, I have a huge smile

dec 08 3310 micro orchid

Crouching crab spider

dec 08 3318 crouching crab spider


dec 08 3319 cyrtophora

I sprayed her web with water mist and she moved providing me with several interesting views of her

dec 08 3323 cyrtophora

A different view

dec 08 3326 cyrtophora dew

And yet another view

dec 08 3329 cyrtophora web

A crab spider with open arms

dec 08 3332 crab spider

And surprise of all surprises - Nephila pilipes and her golden silk. First time I've seen an adult in several years

dec 08 3335 nephila pilipes

Through a dew drop

dec 08 3340 hdb drop

Another view of Nephila

dec 08 3358 nephila pilipes

And another view

dec 08 3361 nephila pilipes

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