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December 15, 2012:Nephila pilipes and her boyfriend

What a surprise. Last week, I found the web of Nephila pilipes first time in about 3 - 4 years. Today she was still there and I looked for he boyfriend and sure enough, he was hiding in the corner of the web.

dec 15 5101 nephila web

I only saw one emboli injector - so I suppose he has already mated but managed to escape almost-certain death and will try again

dec 15 5052 male emboli injectors

A drop of morning rain near the emboli injector

dec 15 5055 diffraction emboli injector

Another view

dec 15 5056 emboli injector diffraction

A dorsal view of the mail

dec 15 5082 dorsal male

Another view

dec 15 5095 dorsal male

The lady of the web

dec 15 5108 nephila

My favorite - Melastoma

dec 15 5131 melastoma

Morning glory - with morning rain

dec 15 5134 morning glory

Yellow flower

dec 15 5141 yellow flower

And a couple of crab spiders

dec 15 5146 crab spider

Another view

dec 15 5156 crab spider

A different crab spider

dec 15 5165 crab spider

and a butterfly

dec 15 5174 butterfly

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