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Dec 23, 2008: Siem Reap - A rural temple

We arrived about 10 in the morning and our tree house was not available until 2 so we, with PiSey, wandered around. We visited the central shopping area, the night bazaar (closed during the day of course) and the river. The Villa Siem Reap (which offers the treehouse as a room) has built a new place outside the city called Sojourn where Anthony and Fiona have built 10 wonderful bungalows and accompanying restaurant. We visited the bungalows, Ellen fell in love with it so we decided to shift after 3 days in the tree house. Nearby is an old temple - but totally deserted because we are now in a quite rural part of Siem Reap.

How we got there

Takeoff from Changi - Taxi



dec 23 3744 mi622 takeoff


dec 23 3754 mi622 climb


dec 23 3760 mi622 climb

Climb, 766 m

dec 23 3765 mi622 766m

Climb 2559 m

dec 23 3771 mi622 2559m

Leveling at 8419 m

dec 23 3780 mi622 8419

Crusing at 9715 m

Nice clouds

dec 23 3787 mi622 9714m

A few islands off the coast of Cambodia

dec 23 3793 mi622 9714m

And mainland Cambodia

dec 23 3806 9701

Crusing at 9700 m

dec 23 3820 mi622 9701m

Starting descent = at 4545m

dec 23 3825 mi622 4545m

4150 m

dec 23 3828 mi622 4150

1472 m

dec 23 3834 mi622 1472m

Approach at 640 m

dec 23 3843 mi622 640m

Approach at 635 m

dec 23 3844 mi622 635m

Approach at 634 m

dec 23 3846 mi622 634m

Approach at 626 m

dec 23 3851 mi622 approach 626m

approach at 219 m

dec 23 3865 mi622 approach 219m

Once down and through customs - we had to get around. Villa Siem Reap provided a Tuk tuk and driver - here is our man PiSey - what a terrific guide

dec 23 4030 pisey

Villa Siem Reap: the wonderful place Anthony and Fiona made

dec 23 3941 villa siem reap

Little Kids

dec 23 3971 little kids

Big kids

dec 23 3972 big kids

Carrying charcoal

dec 23 3977 charcoal

Cambodian Peoples' Party

dec 23 3985 camb peoples party

One of the fun parts about staying with Anthony and Fiona at the Villa Siem Reap is the information and help provided by staff. Our tuk tuk driver, Pisey, recommended we stop and look at this temple area. It was totally deserted and we were able to walk about, look, and enjoy this 12th century architecture This is one of the buildings near our Sojourn residence

The temple - back door

dec 23 4048 temple

The front door to the old temple

dec 23 4054 old temple

Looking straight in - The front of the temple

dec 23 4055 temple front

Looking through doors

dec 23 4057 through doors

and through windows

dec 23 4065 through windows

Looking through the temple door

dec 23 4072 through temple door

Looking through doors

dec 23 4082 through doors

Looking out the temple window

dec 23 4083 through temple window

If you know me, you know that spiders have an interesting affinity with my camera. Without tripod or macro lens, this guy provided an interesting challenge. A daddy longlegs hiding in the window

dec 23 4084 temple daddy longlegs

An old temple building

dec 23 4090 old temple

Hiding in the corner of another temple window was a St. Andrews cross spider - without stabilimenta

dec 23 4098 temple cross spider

The temple

dec 23 4104 temple

Adjacent to the old buildings was a more recent working temple and monestary. And the Buddha inside the temple

dec 23 4107 temple budha

A local monk

dec 23 4114 monk

Driving back to town and the treehouse, we drive along the Siem Reap River. Here are colorful reflections

dec 23 4168 siem reap reflections

More reflections

dec 23 4170 siem reap river

and more reflections

dec 23 4179 siem reap reflections

Ellen at the Siem Reap Villa, with fresh lime soda - waiting for our room key

dec 23 4182 ellen villa

While outside is a lady with a stylish hat

dec 23 4183 hear carrier

Another others - displaying a dust mask -actually the road dust was pretty bad

dec 23 4195 dust mask priest

On our way to the treehouse, more reflections in the Siem Reap River

dec 23 4209 siem reap reflections

More reflections

dec 23 4211 siem reap river

Our new home - a treehouse with a view

dec 23 4216 treehouse

Inside our home

dec 23 4221 inside treehouse

Living room

dec 23 4222 living room

The deck without an Ellen

dec 24 4408 deck

Ellen and our snack

dec 24 4410 ellen deck

If you purchase tomorrow ticket to Angkor Wat at 5pm the previous day, you can enter for sort-of free (actually you paid for the ticket. Pisey took us to a mountain to climb in order to watch the sunset. And what a sunset.

Reflections of Siem Reap

dec 23 4236 siem reap reflections

We passed over the Dragon Bridge

dec 23 4246 dragon bridge

The first thing we encountered inside the Angkor Wat grounds was the mote around the main temple area

dec 23 4257 mote

More mote

dec 23  4270 mote

Here was a small ensemble of land mine victims - playing along the path to the top of the mountain

dec 23 4274 ensemble

Ellen watching the sunset

dec 23 4308 ellen watching

There is a balloon that you can rise above the occasion and see all things

dec 23 4322 sunset balloon

Early sunset

dec 23 4330 sunset early


dec 23 4333 sunset early


dec 23 4337 sunset early


dec 23 4352 angkor wat sunset


dec 23 4360 sunset

When the sun says goodbye

dec 23 4372 sunset end

another goodbye

dec 23 4376 sunset end

Its over

dec 23 4377 sunset

We drove back and the temple lights were bathing some remote temples

dec 23 4390 red temples

another view

dec 23 4392 temples

The lights rotate through colors of red, green and blue (or maybe white)

dec 23 4396 green temples

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