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December 23, 2009: Return to Sojourn and a walk around Treak Village

From Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Siem Reap to Sojourn (the 3 Ss)

Here we are, back at Sojourn the place Anthony, Fiona and Rachel built - and now Beck has joined the team. We fell in love with Sojourn last year so here we are again.

The way to Sojourn

dec 23 2508 sojourn sign

Welcome to Sojourn - early morning sun


The in gate and reception - early morning sun again

dec 26 5488 sojourn in gate

Each morning I like to watch the sun rise - about 6:30 am. Here is an early morning rice field

dec 23 2483 morning rice

Another view

dec 23 2485 morning rice

Reflections in an early morning rice field

dec 23 2486 morning rice

Meanwhile, the ice plant is making ice - here is the steam from the condensation tubes

dec 23 2487 ice plant

Early morning bicycle to work

dec 23 2495 bicycles

Beware of the dust

dec 23 2503 bicycle masks

Walking to the temple area, Wat Atwea

dec 23 2535 temple

Here is inside the working temple

dec 23 2543 temple

From the front. I had my tripod so no flash needed

dec 23 2544 temple

This is my first HDR (high dynamic range) attempt. This is a composite of two exposures - one with proper sky exposure and one that over exposes the sky in order to show the details around the door. I like this

dec 23 2548 temple hdr

Looking at the Stupa - a monk cleaning leaves

dec 23 2550 stupa

The temple from the outside - Thai style

dec 23 2551 temple

Entering Wat Atwea

dec 23 2553 temple

Details of the stone work. Note no arches

dec 23 2554 temple

Looking up

dec 23 2556 temple corner up

Another structure

dec 23 2557 temple structure

Looking out

dec 23 2559 temple window

Through the window

dec 23 2561 window bars

Wall carving

dec 23 2564 temple carving

Wall carving (probably Hindu)

dec 23 2568 temple carving

Wall writing and an elephant

dec 23 2570 temple writing

The back of the temple area

dec 23 2577 temple complex

Rice field

dec 23 2579 rice field

And a friendly dragonfly

dec 23 2586 dragonfly

Another position

dec 23 2590 dragonfly

Dragonfly eyes

dec 23 2600 dfly eyes

Dragonfly face

dec 23 2603 dfly face

Making duke food - shaving the stalk of a banana plant

dec 23 2612 making duck food

A family

dec 23 2618 family

A little kid

dec 23 2626 little kid

Into town for an ATM fix - and the sign to the night market

dec 23 2654 night market

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