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Dec 24, 2008: Angkor Wat - Amazing

Where we went

What impresses me abotu Angkor Wat is the engineering and design. To have moved all these stone, the rock must have come from somewhere nearby. Perhaps the mote or the long 7km x 2km lake". The arch construction is not as stable as Roman arches but very impressive. The stone carving (bas relief) has a level of detail that cannot be appreciated unleess seen first hand

dec 24 4442 temple

Temple carving

dec 24 4444 temple carving

There is a pond filled with lotus blooms - a chance for hand held macro practice

dec 24 4468 white lotus

Our Macro Maniac of Singapore Flickr group was started by Colleen Goh - Damselfly on Flickr. Here is our damselfly on a lotus

dec 24 4471 dfly lotus

Another damselfly

dec 24 4475 damselfly

Looking down the hall

dec 24 4494 temple hall

Wall carvings

dec 24 4509 bas relief

Reflections of the main temple area

dec 24 4556 angkor wat reflections

Temple monks walking to the working temple

dec 24 4564 temple monks

just following

dec 24 4565 temple monks

Temple reflections

dec 24 4569 temple reflections

Temple reflections

dec 24 4570 temple reflections

dec 24 4571 temple reflections

dec 24 4572 temple reflections

dec 24 4574 temple reflections

Ellen and reflections

dec 24 4575 ellen reflections

Another building

dec 24 4577 temple

Looking through the door

dec 24 4581 through door

Another temple building

dec 24 4582 temple

Buddha and doors

dec 24 4584 buddha doors


dec 24 4586 temple exit

No words

dec 24 4587 temple

A mom and daughter

dec 24 4589 mom daughter reflection

PiSey and driving to the south gate

dec 24 4593 pisey gate

The dragon guarding the gate

dec 24 4595 gate dragon

The dragon guarding the gate

dec 24 4596 gate dragon

The south gate

dec 24 4599 gate

THe mote to the right

dec 24 4603 mote

Shadows looking left

dec 24 4604 mote shadows

South Gate

dec 24 4608 gate

Another temple area on the other side of the South gate. The Bas Relief's are simply amazing

dec 24 4639 bas relief 1

dec 24 4640 bas relief 2

dec 24 4641 bas relief 3

dec 24 4642 bas relief 4

Framing the temple

dec 24 4686 temple frame

Another view

dec 24 4692 temple

Looking through the doors

dec 24 4705 through doors

More bas relief

dec 24 4708 bas relief

From the inside looking out

dec 24 4722 looking out

The temple tank

dec 24 4728 temple tank

Its lunch time and the sound of what we though were cicadas was quite loud and like ringing bells - very high pitched. We found onf of the little guys - This little guy, a cicada, sings like jingle bells. I made a video to catch the sound and will upload soon

dec 24 4748 cicada

After lunch - we found a working water wheel - on the Siem Reap River

dec 24 4777 water wheel

dec 24 4795 water wheel

dec 24 4805 water wheel

dec 24 4807 water wheel

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