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December 27, 2009: Last sunrise

Our Trip: Singapore -> Ho Chi Minh -> Siem Reap -> Singapore

Its the last day and here is the flight path home:

But before leaving, there was lots of time for a last sunrise

dec 27 4043 before sunrise

More before the sunrise

dec 27 4048 before sunrise

A simple sunrise

dec 27 4062 simple sunrise

Peaking through the palm leaves

dec 27 4065 early sunrise


dec 27 4076 sunrise

Mist over a rice field

dec 27 4099 rice mist

Lost in a field of rice

dec 27 4102 field of rice


dec 27 4104 grazing


dec 27 4109 kids

A curious little girl

dec 27 4117 little girl

Morning bike ride

dec 27 4120 morning bike ride

Fetching water

dec 27 4121 water garden


dec 27 4124 watering garden

One of the Sojourn staff

dec 27 4129 sojourn worker

A small smile

dec 27 4131 sojourn yard worker

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