Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

Where we went (on Chhoy's motorbike)- around Treak village and Siem Reap

First the day starts with sunrise. Here some kids were off to school and their English was amazing - even at 6:15 am.

dec 27 0523 fun kids

Waking up

dec 27 0694 wakeup call

Morning rice field - new (foreground), ready-to-harvest (background)

dec 27 0697 morning rice

Morning cattle grazing in a harvested rice field

dec 27 0704 morning cattle

A tractor of sorts

dec 27 0707 morning tractor

Each morning this guy and I exchange hellos - as he waters his garden - about 6:30am

dec 27 0710 morning watering

The light was right to capture the water spray

dec 27 0719 watering

Meanwhile, back at Sjourn - Han

dec 27 0751 han

and Sokhune

dec 27 0757 sokhune

And the lady that makes amazing floral decorations

dec 27 0772 flower lady

Lin (I owe her a print of herself)

dec 27 0775 lin

and Kalob

dec 27 0781 kolab

Later Chhoy and I went to visit his family, harvesting rice in the fields

dec 27 0804 rice field

New rice - love the shades of green

dec 27 0811 rice fields

More new rice (green) and ready to harvest (straw-colored)

dec 27 0816 rice fields

Along side one of the holding ponds, was a guy fishing with a throw net. So I thought it would be fun to capture the dynamics of casting a net - here, the throw

dec 27 0839 fishing net throw


dec 27 0840 fishing net throw

Follow-through. Any pitcher would be pleased - look at the raised right leg and arms spread for balance

dec 27 0841 fishing net throw

The net is flying while the fisherman continues his follow-through

dec 27 0842 fishing net throw

The net now spread

dec 27 0844 fishing net throw

and drops to the water

dec 27 0846 fishing net throw

Sinking to the bottom

dec 27 0848 fishing net fall

Ready to harvest rice

dec 27 0853 rice

Folks harvesting rice on Chhoy's family property

dec 27 0866 chhoy family harvest

They cut the rice, bundle it and put it to one side for initial drying

dec 27 0871 harvesting rice

It was hot and everyone was covered to protect from the sun

dec 27 0910 harvesting

Off to one side was a water buffalo - and a couple of birds resting on his back

dec 27 0911 buff birds

Walking back, we found our fisherman still casting away

dec 27 0928 fishing net throw

Preparing for another throw

dec 27 0948 fishing net

Reflections of a fisherman watching for fish

dec 27 0955 fisherman reflections

While watching the fisherman, a herd of ducks appeared out of nowhere

dec 27 0962 here come ducks

They came within 3 - 4 meters and decided that was enough. So a couple in front made a right turn and headed for the water

dec 27 0965 duck detour

Here they are - a detour around us

dec 27 0966 duck detour

A closer look

dec 27 0971 ducks

This guy decided to escape -and made so much noise, all knew he was escaping

dec 27 1009 escaping duck

Trying to fly

dec 27 1012 escaping duck

Back on the road - a farmer harvesting his rice

dec 27 1069 rice harvest

Passing a small group of homes

dec 27 1098 farmer complex

Something new - Siem Reap has a waste water treatment facility

Waste Water Treatment

Reflections in a holding pond

dec 27 1107 waste water treatment

Now off to a temple

dec 27 1122 temple road

Well hidden in the woods

dec 27 1124 temple

From the side

dec 27 1128 temple

The guarding cobra

dec 27 1129 dragonfly cobra

A sitting Buddha

dec 27 1136 buddha

A reclining Buddha

dec 27 1140 lying buddha

The temple

dec 27 1142 temple

and off to home and passing green rice fields

dec 27 1148 rice fields

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