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December 28, 2012: Mostly Srey Neth and her family

Morning wakeup

dec 28 7914 morning

Srey Neth's little sister, Srey Nith, and one of her many smiles

dec 28 7915 smile

Another smile

dec 28 7917 smile

And yet another smile

dec 28 7918 tooth smile

Srey Neth. Here I'm trying to focus on her eyes. When her eye is focused, you can see a reflection which accents a sort of glint in her eye

dec 28 7921 sreynet

Her brother - no focus on his eyes and you can see enough blur that there is no discernible reflection in his eye

dec 28 7924 smile

Srey Neth

dec 28 7928 sreynet

Her older sister, Srey Nam

dec 28 7934 sreynam

Reflections in Srey Nam's eyes

dec 28 7937 sreynam

The little sister

dec 28 7942 little sister

Srey Neth's smile

dec 28 7944 sreynet laugh

Srey Neth's mom

dec 28 7946 mom

Feeding the chickens

dec 28 7950 feeding chickens

Srey Neth's neighbor

dec 28 7957 mom baby

Srey Neth looking

dec 28 7961 sreynet

An excitable rooster

dec 28 7971 roosters

After visiting Srey Neth's family - back to Sojourn - Pisey at Sojourn reception

dec 28 7980 pisey


dec 28 7990 pisey

In our villa - an Argiope hiding in the bamboo

dec 28 8022 argiope eyes

Dorsal view

dec 28 8025 argiope dorsal

From the side

dec 28 8026 argiope side

And later, back to Singapore -

and the altitude graph

MI630 Altitude

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