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February 3, 2011: From Singapore to Chennai in about 4 hours

How I got to Chennai - Flight 9W15 from Changi to Chennai. Here is the flight path

Altitude graph

Altitude plot

And from the airport, Raj picked me up and took me to to the hotel (City Manor) and then to the AirTel shop to figure out how to top up my AirTel prepaid account. (it turns out that because I bought the SIM card in Hyderabad (Andra Pradesh), its not easy to top up in Tamil Nadu - long, but typically Indian story)

Here is Changi - departing

feb 03 5542 leaving singapore

After takeoff - leaving Changi and passing by Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

feb 03 5557 takeoff

After about 4 hours - here is Madras (Chennai) coastline

feb 03 5590 chennai coast

On the MAA approach

feb 03 5599 chennai

Some green (monsoons did their job)

feb 03 5609 chennai

Descending and local area

feb 03 5615 chennai

Approaching the runway

feb 03 5622 chennai

My world of Thiruvanmiyur (right) and IIT Campus (left)

A lot of my fun in India comes from street life. India, in particular, is full of colors - whether clothes people ware or Autos

feb 03 5639 street life

Or color from fruts and vegetables

feb 03 5643 fruit man

More color

feb 03 5708 fruit man

Fruit man doing business

feb 03 5716 fruit man

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