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February 5, 2011: Waking up with Thiruvanmiyur

My roaming the streets of Thiruvanmiyur.

Altitude plot

Altitude plot

The night before - evening dinner. The chef clearly is enjoying both his work and his performance

a Sleeping Thiruvanmiyur

feb 05 6148 sleeping thiruvanmiyur

Again, the day starts with sunrise - as viewed from the hotel roof. This morning - little haze and a nice sunrise

feb 05 6165 chennai sunrise

Shooting the sun between two mobile phone towers

feb 05 6237 mobile tower sunrise


feb 04 6253 sunrise

feb 5 6176 sun over chennai

A bit later

feb 05 6263 sunrise

Late waking up

feb 05 6278 morning sleep

Folded hands

feb 05 6288 folded hands

Tractor man

feb 05 6302 morning tractor

This man could not talk but had a wonderful smile. I took his photo and photos of his kids. Later I printed them and took to him in the afternoon - more smiles

feb 05 6308 morning man smile

His daughter

feb 05 6311 morning smile

His sun

feb 05 6317 morning boy

At a nearby tea stall - folks were balancing and reading the paper. Nice light from the early morning sun

feb 05 6328 morning reading

Security tea

feb 05 6329 contemplating tea

The tea master pouring tea. His tea (chai masala) was pretty good

feb 05 6340 pouring milk

The tea master (printed his photo also)

feb 05 6342 tea maker

Another guy at the tea stall

feb 05 6348 tea reader

Back on LB Road, pushing a trash cart across the street. Each year - there is less trash cluttering the streets

feb 05 6353 push bike

Colorful vegetables

feb 05 6356 vege man

Vege man

feb 05 6364 vege man

This lday is a careful shopper

feb 05 6367 inspecting greens

Inspecting the greens

feb 05 6371 green veges

A smiling bicycle

feb 05 6374 lady biker

A corner room - and wakeup yawn

feb 05 6381 corner home

A morning wave

feb 05 6384 morning wave

Too early for a smile

feb 05 6387 tea man

Nice smile

feb 05 6390 tea man

Another nice smile

feb 05 6393 tea lady

And a pair of smiles

feb 05 6396 tea folks

Another small smile

feb 05 6399 tea place man

Smile in a shop

feb 05 6402 shop man

Another shop man

feb 05 6408 shop man

Early morning pumping

feb 05 6417 water boy

Another shop lady

feb 05 6429 shop lady

Morning cooking - with coconut shells

feb 05 6435 morning fire

Wake-up alley

feb 05 6438 6438 morning alley

A happy girl

feb 05 6441 morning girl

Smiling at me

feb 05 6447 morning girl

Pumping iron (and water)

feb 05 6456 morning pump

Colorful alley

feb 05 6462 colorful alley

More colors

feb 05 6465 back alley

This lady spoke no English and my Tamil is worse than awful. But she had a nice smile and wanted a print of a photo. Actually she gave me the idea of printing and distributing prints to folks I photographed. Here she is preparing tied flowers

feb 05 6575 flower lady

Here she is tying flowers - need to figure out how to rotate the image

ANother smile

feb 05 6582 flower lady

I stopped for another tea

feb 05 6591 tea man

A bit of physics (and poor focus) transition from laminar flow to droplet flow

feb 05 6600 pouring my tea

The colors of morning

feb 05 6606 hauling palms

Three guys

feb 05 6614 three guys

Two tea stall guys

feb 08 6584 tea guys

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