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February 6, 2010: Orange spider and plant hopper

What a surprise. This is my first encounter with the orange spider - Larinia (Araneidae - orb weavers). This may be a him, but I'm not sure because I can't readily identify the palps. His / her web was in an area of tall grass. I returned later and her web was absent suggesting she is nocturnal. So I shall try early in the morning again.

feb 06 5714 orange spider

Larinia and her web in the long tall grass

feb 06 5721 orange spider

Funnel web spider, similar to a wolf spider, Hippasa holmerae (Lycosidae) and morning dew

feb 06 5727 funnel web dew close

Another view

feb 06 5727 funnel web dew

And closer

feb 06 5730 funnel dew close

Seems to be feeding herself dew

feb 06 5731 funnel dew spider

Plant hopper

feb 06 5739 plant hopper drops

Plant hopper and morning dew

feb 06 5730 funnel dew

Dew magnifiers

feb 06 5744 plant hopper drops

Another vew

feb 06 5745 plant hopper

feb 06 5746 plant hopper

Beads of glue - note that there are no glue drops on the radial strands

feb 06 5758 parawixia glue

Another view

feb 06 5759 parawixia glue

Another view of the glue drops and dew

feb 06 5762 parawixia glue

And another view

feb 06 5764 web pearls

and another view

feb 06 5767 spider drops

I like this dew-drop lens

feb 06 5771 dew drop

A wet web

feb 06 5786 web web

ANother dw lens

feb 06 5795 dew grass lens

And another

feb 06 5800 dew lens

And another

feb 06 5803 dew drop

And a closer view

feb 06 5810 dew drop

This Argiope got spooked when I approached her web

feb 06 5831 argiope close

And I waited and waited and waited. She refused to cooperate and return to her web - sigh

feb 06 5842 argiope close

One last hope - nothing

feb 06 5842 argiope

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