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February 7, 2010: Cyrtophora moluccensis and Botanic Garden

Sunday started with a revisit to Queensway Secondary School - in search of the orange spider. She was absent - sigh. But next to her web space was a nice Gaussian web of Cyrtophora moluccensis. Here she is - to the right of the peak of the Gaussian tent. The lattice work of the tent is quite visible (a surprise to me)

feb 07 4165 cyrtophora moluccensis

Here she is near the peak of the Gaussian tent

feb 07 4167 cyrtophora moluccensis

Then an assassin bug

feb 07 4172 assassin bug

Another view

feb 07 4174 assassin bug

A morning glory

feb 07 4176 morning glory

And a horizontal web with, what I think is Leucauge decorata

feb 07 4181 leucauge

A closer view

feb 07 4184 leugauge horizontal

Catching breakfast

feb 07 4192 catching breakfast

Wrapping breakfast

feb 07 4196 leucauge breakfast

More wrapping

feb 07 4204 leucauge

Wrapped - its back to hunting. Notice the strand attaching herself to the web (from her spinnerete

feb 07 4219 leucauge

Returning to our Gaussian tent - another view

feb 07 4222 cyrtophora moluccensis

After a short rest - off to the Singapore Botanic Garden with a colleague. At our lotus pond were many damselflys - and this one was quite patient with me

feb 07 4231 damselfly

Looking at me

feb 07 4232 damselfly

From the side

feb 07 4235 damselfly

The colors of white

feb 07 4241 white lotus

Red lotus

feb 07 4242 red lotus

Pink lotus

feb 07 4244 pink lotus

And an orchid

feb 07 4254 orchid

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