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February 8, 2008:Bintan and the other Bintan

GPS Visualizer provides some neat tools for converting from GPS file formats to Google Earth / Maps format. Here is a presentation with Google Maps. The map is interactive and you can click and drag and magnify to see the correspondance between the GPS tracks and Google's satellite imagery.

    Somthine about the colors
  • Green is the route from Tanah Merah to Bintan as well as our trip up the mangrove river.
  • Red is the return route as well as our ride to Tanjunguban

How we got there - A flat map

feb 08 2008 bintan

and plotted with Google Earth


The juxtaposition of Changi Airport and the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

feb 08 2008 bintan changi tanah merah

The beginning - Ellen waiting for Bus 35 at the Tanah Merah MRT station

feb 08 8555 ellen waiting bus 35

The Tanah Merah Ferry Termina

feb 08 8563 tanah merah ferry terminal

Tankers queued for Singapore

feb 08 8568 waiting tankers


feb 08 8571 tankers

More tankers

feb 08 8576 tankers

Arriving at Bintan

feb 08 8587 bintan

The start of the mangrove river boat adventures

feb 08 8591 mangrove start

A river hut

feb 08 8599 river hut

THe Mangrove Tour Headquarters

feb 08 8602 mangrove tour place

River homes

feb 08 8605 river homes

The river

feb 08 8629 river

A sleeping python

feb 08 8637 sleeping python

A fisherman

feb 08 8666 fisherman

Tangung Uban street

feb 08 8669 bintan street

Atlas Shrugged

feb 08 8671 atlas shrugged

This is Tangung Uban

feb 08 8672 tanjung uban

feb 08 8674 tanjung uban

Rainbow Row - as in Charleston SC.

feb 08 8679 TJ Uban rainbow row

Coast Guard

feb 08 8689 coast guard


feb 08 8712 beach

Singapore Cruise Centre

feb 08 8716 SCC

The end at the bus stop - waiting for Bus 35

feb 08 8719 tanah merah ferry terminal

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