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Feb 7-8, 2009: From Valencia to Paris to Singapore: mostly with SQ

How I flew home

Its Paris - after the flight from Valencia. I was somewhat disorganized - landing at Terminal 2 and going to Terminal 1 to get my boarding pass. As us usual with French security, I spent maybe 10 min with the security folks. This time, though, nothing was confiscated. Here, pulling away from the plane - we thought we were going to leave

feb 07 1784 ramp

Ready to leave

feb 07 1790 ready

Wrong - it started sleeting

feb 07 1802 paris sleet

More sleet

feb 07 1814 sleet

So we taxi down to the local de-icing spot

feb 07 1835 taxi

Passing the ghost of Concord

feb 07 1836 concorde ghost

Encountering some traffic

feb 07 1839 traffic

And de-icing

feb 07 1880 deicing

These machines are really neat. The guy in the cockpit moves the nozzle in and out and direct the slow of de-icing solution to the appropriate spot. I saw this in Milan the week before. The French variation is that they did not use a headlight that is adjacent to the nozzle

feb 07 1884 deicing


feb 07 1897 hovering


feb 07 1904 deicing

A small symphony for de-icers

feb 07 1911 deice symphony


feb 07 1946 leaving

Cargo plane landin

feb 07 1954 cargo landing


feb 07 1957 landing


feb 07 1960 cargo touchdown

Then its our turn - takeoff

feb 07 1964 takeoff

at 113 M - we fly over a just-arrived flight

feb 07 1965 takeoff alt 113

At 4821 M we are climbing. Look at the shadow of the plane near the bottom center of the image.

feb 07 1974 alt 4821

Climbing more at 5917 M

feb 07 1983 climp alt 5917

At the initial cruising altitude - 9087 M

feb 07 1997 alt 9087

A patch of earth in the carpet of clouds

feb 07 1998 cloud patch

Traffic going to the left

feb 07 2001 traffic alt 9096

A different plane in the distance traveling to the right and toward us

feb 07 2014 traffic


feb 07 2015 traffic


feb 07 2020 traffic

Snow on the ground

feb 07 2033 snow landscape

Our wonderful SIA ladies

feb 07 2087 sq ladies

I woke up briefly and saw lights below - we are somewhere over Pakistan

feb 07 2091 pakistan

Back to sleep but a 6 am wakeup call to catch the sunrise. We are flying parallel to the Malaysian coast, over Georgetown, Penang etc. Here are a sequence of photos of the sunrise. As usual, the cloud formations made interesting presentations.

feb 08 2114 sunrise

The cloud structures vary

feb 08 2138 sunrise

Looked at the altimeter - 11933 meters, which must be 12000 meters, our crusing altitude

feb 08 2150 sunrise 11933

Now the sun is fully sticking its head above the horizon. But the clouds - just amazing

feb 08 2158 sunrise

Here the sun just touches the engine housing

feb 08 2185 sunrise engine

Approaching Singapore

feb 08 2223 approach singapore

The waiting tankers are not as many as usual

feb 08 2278 approach singapore

Crossing the coast

feb 08 2301 approach singapore

over the canal with the MRT workyard to the right

feb 08 2308 approaching changi

Another view of the MRT work / storage area

feb 08 2312 approaching changi

The expressway

feb 08 2323 approaching changi

Our shadow

feb 08 2333 flight shadow

and home

feb 08 2349 changi

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