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February 10, 2013: Rajahmundry - and the Cotton Barrage

My bimonthly trip to Hyderabad - problem solving and enjoying local street food and unanticipated adventures. First - getting to Hyderabad from Singapore thanks to Silk Air MI 478

and the Silk Air MI 478 altitude plot

Silk Air Altitude Plot

A day with the team at Augmentech SoftSol -with a quick plan for tomorrow's trip to Rajahmundry. Here is the track of the SpiceJet flight from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry

and the SpiceJet altitude plot

SpiceJet Altitude Plot
from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry

From my hotel balcony - nice view and a clean city

feb 10 8546 view from hotel

Searching for dinner for a little one

feb 10 8552 searching

Viswa and I went off on an informal tour - first top - a temple near the river front - guys bridge watching

feb 10 8568 bridge watching

The bridge being watched

feb 10 8570 bridge bathing

Meanwhile - a bit of washing of clothes - in a typically Indian style - beating the dirt out by slapping it on a sloped stone

feb 10 8574 washing

More bathing

feb 10 8575 bathing

The Godavari Reiver Bridge

feb 10 8579 godavari bridge

I suppose these are called the Cotton Bridges - after Sir Arthur Cotton, the engineer that built these in about 1850 - an amazing engineering task

feb 10 8580 cotton bridges

Two guys on a boat

feb 10 8587 2 guys ona boat

A nearby temple

feb 10 8589 hindu temple

Sir Arthur Cotton

feb 10 8592 sir arthur cotton

Vishnu in the Cotton Museum Garden

feb 10 8599 vishnu

A goddess - that I don't know the name of

feb 10 8600 goddess

Cotton Museum Cannons

feb 10 8609 cotton museum cannons

Locks - part of the Cotton Barrage

feb 10 8618 locks

The Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage

feb 10 8619 sir arthur cotton barrage

Funny guy - talking by mobile phone (21st century) and driving an oxcart (1st century) - what a difference 2000 years makes

feb 10 8630 mobile oxcart

Cargo of sand

feb 10 8632 oxcart sand

Driver, cart and cargo

feb 10 8634 ox sand man

Family fishing - net casting while the wife is managing another net (right)

feb 10 8633 fish family

More fishing action

feb 10 8642 fisherfamily

Nice team

feb 10 8644 fishing family

The son is enjoying his time as my photo subject

feb 10 8651 fishing family

Wife doing something with the net

feb 10 8652 fish net

Clearly she is the fish net manager while her husband is the driver

feb 10 8662 fish net management

Done fishing - and off to home

feb 10 8673 finishing fishing

Following traffic - a somewhat crowded pickup

feb 10 8681 crowded pickup

The Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage

feb 10 8684 barrage

Another view

feb 10 8692 cotton barrage

At this point - Viswa and I walked to the edge of the river - and hmmm a lynx just caught a butterfly

feb 10 8696 lynx butterfly

My general purpose zoom is not a great macro lens but it did ok

feb 10 8699 lynx butterfly side

Sir Viswa

feb 10 8714 viswa

watching sunset

feb 10 8718 temple sunset

The top of a temple

feb 10 8719 temple top

Street food lady and street food lady smile!!!

feb 10 8721 street food lady


feb 10 8723 oranges

Sunset bathers

feb 10 8725 sunset bathing

A bit of begging on the steps to the water

feb 10 8734 temple man

Another view

feb 10 8739 temple man

Encouraging the cow / water buffalo / something

feb 10 8744 mixed mode transport

A passing train - rather full

feb 10 8751 loaded train

Sunset through the bridge

feb 10 8754 sunset bridge

Another view

feb 10 8756 sunset bridge

A park near another temple

feb 10 8770 park roosters

Another guy

feb 10 8772 man

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