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February 11, 2012 Hunting spiders with Yu Hyun

Where Yu Huan and I walked this morning: From Queens Condo to our spider place then to McDonalds (for sprite and coke) then to the bus stop and then home.

My Favorite - Melastroma

feb 11 6111 melastroma

Crab Spider

feb 11 6134 crab spider

Cyrtophora web

feb 11 6159 cyrtophora web


feb 11 6161 melastroma

Water drops

feb 11 6184 morning glory drops

Crab Spider hiding

feb 11 6201 crab spider hiding

Crab Spider hiding

feb 11 6205 crab spider hiding

Yu Hyun and her morning glory

feb 11 6209 yu huan morning glory

Morning glory finger

feb 11 6215 morning glory finger

Yu Hyun balancing (my water spray bottle)

feb 11 6227 yu huan balance

Yu Hyun's Butterfly

feb 11 0235 butterfly

Yu Hyun

feb 11 6244 yu huan

Yu Hyun

feb 11 6247 yu huan

Yu Hyun making a photo

feb 11 6271 yu huan making photo

Me setting up to photograph a crab spider

feb 11 0210 Frank looking for a spider

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