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February 11, 2013: A boat trip on the Godavari River

Viswa and I set off Sunday morning to enjoy the service of SpiceJet - flight from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry. A prop plane, nice service and a 1 hour flight took about an hour. Here is how we got there and where we went. The map is interactive so you can enlarge or shrink using the slider on the left side

And the picture story

It all started with a visit to a temple - where folks were washing themselves, washing their clothes, watching the river and watching me. I suspect watching me was much more interesting that washing clothes. Early morning fishing

feb 11 8779 early morning fishing

Morning bathing

feb 11 8787 morning bathing

Morning fishing - by net

feb 11 8791 morning fishing

A nearby temple (Shiva, I think)

feb 11 8796 shiva temple

A view of the temple courtyard

feb 11 8798 temple stuff

Then off we went in search of the boat to take up up the river. And here was sunrise

feb 11 8806 sunrise

And a bunch of sunrise guys

feb 11 8812 runrise guys

Driving along the road - early morning reflections

feb 11 8831 palm reflections

Sort of a blurred corn field. I was really really impressed with the green. Having spent most of my India time in Tamil Nadu - I was used to dry fields

feb 11 8848 corn field

A round house

feb 11 8852 round house

Suddenly we stopped - moving was slow - and hmmmm - paving in action

feb 11 8855 morning paving

A village road (to the Godavari River, I suppose)

feb 11 8860 village road

And our destination - a boat place

feb 11 8862 boat place

An incoming ferry - full of surprises

feb 11 8878 godavari ferry

First - greeted by a bunch of folks taking a bath in the river

feb 11 8879 ferry

Folks exiting the boat

feb 11 8883 ferry embarkation

Motorcycles exiting the boat

feb 11 8886 off ferry

A motorcycle with chickens exiting the boat

feb 11 8889 chicken man

Another view of chicken man

feb 11 8890 chicken man

And a much closer view of the chickens and chicken man

feb 11 8891 chicken man

We are off - a bit of net repair

feb 11 8947 net repair

River reflections

feb 11 8949 river reflections

A riverside village

feb 11 8960 riverside village

Morning chores

feb 11 8972 morning chores

Boat stop at an interesting temple

feb 11 8975 boat stop

Walking back to the boat - there was this interesting "orange man". I gave him all the rupee change in exchange for a few photos

feb 11 8984 orange man

Another view

feb 11 8985 orange man

Return to the boat

feb 11 8988 return to boat

And again we are off - and a friendly wave from a fishing family

feb 11 9008 fishing family

More fishing - I suppose

feb 11 9020 fishing

And something absolutely unique to India - whether Tamil Nadu, Karnatika, Andra Pradesh or whether - washing laundry by beating it on a stone. - then drying by laying over the grass. This happened to Ellen once in Chennai at IIT-Madras and that was the last time she took our laundry to the IIT laundry.

feb 11 9029 washing

A closer view of washing

feb 11 9034 washing drying

An action shot

feb 11 9041 washing

Further up the river - several trees with bats hanging from limbs - and here is a flying bat

feb 11 9049 bat

The bat trees

feb 11 9052 bat tree

Guys fishing

feb 11 9062 fishermen

And you'll note the 1m x 1m sort-of white platform - this turns out to be a fairly low budget boat for fishing - just a block of styrofoam and a lot of patience

feb 11 9064 fishermen

The countryside - and a cornfield to the lower left

feb 11 9069 corn reflection

Another example of the economy fishing platform

feb 11 9082 1 man fishing

As the water recedes folks set up housekeeping close to the water.

feb 11 9084 sand bar fishing

Sandbar men

feb 11 9085 sand bar men

A small home, boats and a fishing net hanging from the pole on the right

feb 11 9089 sandbar home

Another home - this time with tents and a thatched shelter

feb 11 9092 sandbar tents

Yet another small homemaking setup

feb 11 9097 village haze

Water man

feb 11 9100 water man

Another water-side home

feb 11 9103 fishing home

A group of ducks - just spooked by our boat

feb 11 9117 ducks


feb 11 9118 ducks away

Full flight

feb 11 9119 ducks away

Boat reflection

feb 11 9132 boat reflection

Calm water, boat reflection and the driver's partner sleeping over the bow

feb 11 9133 boat reflectoin

Two laid-back fishermen

feb 11 9140 2 guys fishing

Tending their net

feb 11 9149 fish net

My friend, Viswa - taking photos and movies for his daughter

feb 11 9154 viswa

Hmm - noticed me

feb 11 9155 viswa

Looking back - the mountains, the water, colorful tents

feb 11 9156 river village

I think this is another ferry - manual power this time

feb 11 9157 ferry

Herding cattle

feb 11 9160 cattle man

More economy fishing platforms

feb 11 9163 two fishing pods

The ferry folks have caught me taking their photo

feb 11 9169 ferry hooray

Tending a fishing line

feb 11 9179 fishing

A village - you can see the thatched roofs between the trees

feb 11 9187 village

Herding cattle - the red person is a lady - and I suppose her husband is supervising - usual that the men take on supervision

feb 11 9199 cow man

Actually - the man is working also - the red lady is working and the umbrella lady is - well just keeping cool

feb 11 9205 cow man lady

A dugout canoe filled with smiles

feb 11 9235 3 in canoe

Small small village - ferry and boats

feb 11 9250 full ferry

Looking down the river - the scenery was really quite unexpected

feb 11 9253 river mountains

Another canoe

feb 11 9257 two men canoe

At the halfway point - I met these folks on the boat. They are going to continue up the river - by land

feb 11 9262 halfway friends

Our boat

feb 11 9264 our boat

I got off - took a photo of this yellow flower

feb 11 9265 yellow flower

A view of the river and our boat

feb 11 9268 turnaround godavari

Going down the river - another riverside home

feb 11 9270 fisherman home

Guys carrying either firewood or sugarcane

feb 11 9277 bamboo boat

Looking down the river

feb 11 9285 river mountains

Another village between the trees

feb 11 9310 riverside town

Red lady with a water jug

feb 11 9313 colorful lady

Peaceful riverside

feb 11 9315 riverside

Another ferry

feb 11 9334 ferry

Corn fields, palm trees and quiet

feb 11 9343 corn field

More corn fields

feb 11 9344 corn fields

It's about 4pm and the sun is beginning to set.

feb 11 9355 early sunset

Silhouette of fishermen

feb 11 9365 sunset fishermen


feb 11 9376 sailboat fishing

Golden sunset

feb 11 9401 river sunset

Another silhouette

feb 11 9407 golden light

A bit later

feb 11 9408 golden sun

Water jet and corn field

feb 11 9415 water pump corn

Golden sun

feb 11 9418 river sunset

Golden sunlight reflection and a silhouette

feb 11 9432 fishing sunset

Our boat flag and the sunset

feb 11 9445 flag sunset

Another view of the flag and hazy sunset

feb 11 9446 flag sunset

Sunset fishing

feb 11 9485 sunset fishing

Last sunset viewed from our boat

feb 11 9513 sunset

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