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Feb 13, 2009: Drops of water

How we got there: Ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Pinang

High tide - upon arrival

feb 13 2384 high tide

And this time, Shanti is the photo queen - something special and a small small smile.

feb 13 2388 shanti

Not much light in the reception area - but a photo that turned out ok

feb 13 2391 staff inside

Outside it was much better

feb 13 2394 staff outside

But where is Abas? - a laughing Abas

feb 13 2399 happy abas

And a serious Abas

feb 13 2402 abas

This time, I was curious what happens to the stream of water the comes from the fountain. So I took lots of photos of the water - and saw drops that are beyond description

feb 13 2415 fountain drops feb 13 2419 fountain drops

Some small drops

feb 13 2420 fountain drops feb 13 2422 fountain drops

Some crooked drops

feb 13 2430 fountain drops

Lina and a smile - pointing to the light

feb 13 2474 lina

resting on the light

feb 13 2475 lina

Frank trying this. Florence taking the photo

feb 13 2476 me

Frank and Lina and the light

feb 13 2480 frank lina sunset

A yellow flower

feb 13 2487 yellow trumpet

another with rain drops

feb 13 2498 yellow trumpet drops


feb 13 2508 heliconia

Frangipani - always beautiful

feb 13 2446 frangipani

A bouquet

feb 13 2448 frangipani bouquet

Frangipani again

feb 13 2511 pink frangipani

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