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February 16, 2008:The other Bintan and back

With Ellen and Sharon leading the way - we took the Penguin ferry to Tanjung Pinang, not to be confused with Sharon's home town (Penang). Below are the GPS tracks for out trip - to the east of Batam in the morning and west of Batam in the evening. About a 2 hour ride each way.

GPS Visualizer provides some neat tools for converting from GPS file formats to Google Earth / Maps format. Here is a presentation with Google Maps. The map is interactive and you can click and drag and magnify to see the correspondance between the GPS tracks and Google's satellite imagery.

    Somthine about the colors
  • Cyan is the route from Tanah Merah to Bintan around the east of Batam.
  • Green is our boat up the Snake river and around Tanjung Pinang.
  • Blue is our taxi ride around Pinang and up to the tallest hill
  • Red is the return trip around the southern and western boundry of Batam.
  • Magenta is SBS Bus 35 from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanah Merah MRT

The blue line is from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Pinang via the direct route - south east to Bintan. The red line is from Tanjung Pinang to TM Ferry Terminal by the scenic route - south of Batam to the east and then up to Singapore and North east to Tanah Merah.


A Google Earth view of our track up the Snake river and ships in the bay

feb 16 2008 bintan snake river ships

A view of the Bintan mountain - where I took the panorama (near the bottom of this page)

feb 16 2008 bintan mountain

THe photos of the trip: - leaving Singapore, and ships everywhere

feb 16 8772 ships singapore

Passing a ferry returning from the north coast of Bintan, a weekend get-away place for many Singaporeans.

feb 16 8758 bintan resort ferry

Indonesian coast guard

feb 16 8769 indo coast guard

A large ship and a small ferry boat

feb 16 8780 ferry boat big ship

Entering the bay - a ship

feb 16 8813 old ship

Here is Bintan

feb 16 8907 bintan

Leaving the ferry terminal and walking out to the main street. It is clean - as spelled: CLEAN.

feb 16 8930 bintan ferry road

We picked up our return ferry tickets then went for lunch. Edy, our guide and organizer picked very nice place for a typical Indonesian lunch. The main idea is no menu. The restuarant team brings you a tray of different dishes. You choose the one's you want and that is how you are charged. An alley on the way to lunch

feb 16 8937 bintan alley

Here is our lunch with the plate-based menu.

feb 16 3945 indonesia lunch

After lunch we headed to another dock where Edy had organized a small boat for us - and here is Rainbow row

feb 16 8945 rainbow row

Our ride from the Bintan dock into the bay, up the snake river, then back to China town, then to the island (Bentang?) and then back to Bintan.

feb 16 2008 bintan snake river chinese village

We enterer what I call Bintan Bay. Filled with ships, boats, micro ferrys, you name it - its there

feb 16 8955 bintan bay

A cargo something

feb 16 8966 cargo junk

And multi modes of travel

feb 16 8967 multi mode travel

The hill where I took the panorama photos (near the bottom of this page)

feb 16 8975 hill

An interesting ship

feb 16 8979 bay ship

And a ferry boat

feb 16 8984 ferry boat

with a friendly wave

feb 16 8995 wave

As we moved up the snake river, we passed a beach home - of sorts

feb 16 9007 beach home

From the other side

feb 16 9009 beach front property

Here is Sharon, Ellen and Edy

feb 16 9011 sharon mom edy

These guys had a water problem -

feb 16 9014 bailing

And an empty tree

feb 16 9015 bare tree

A crab with a red claw

feb 16 9034 crab

A black crab

feb 16 9036 black crab

The Chinese Temple after the crab place

feb 16 9049 chinese temple

These painting show Chinese hell - I was told. The punishment for whatever

feb 16 9053 temple punishment

More paintings

feb 16 9055 temple painting

The inside

feb 16 9056 temple inside

from another angle

feb 16 9064 temple inside

and a small room to the right

feb 16 9065 temple inside

feb 16 9068 temple paintings

Crabs with curious eyes wide open

feb 16 9075 crab eyes

Edy took us back to Bintan bay - and we passed more boats

Boats at the dock

feb 16 9099 boats dock

The vege man

feb 16 9109 vege man

A Thai vessel - captured

feb 16 9151 thai smuggler

Next - we docked and walked through China town

feb 16 9156 china town

A bit of reconstruction

feb 16 9162 reconstruction

A bean and shops

feb 16 9164 bean shops

Then passed mini-Venice, at low tide

feb 16 9170 venice

This was a very interesting temple - built under part of a Banyon tree

feb 16 9174 banyan temple

Another view

feb 16 9177 banyan temple

Happy New Year and prosperity, in my best Mandarin

feb 16 9179 gong xi fa cai

A Chinese temple

feb 16 9180 chinese temple

With a happy man

feb 16 9181 happy fat man

And the ladies of prosperity

feb 16 9184 temple ladies

Brought to you by the local Ferry company

feb 16 9186 sponsored by

More statues

feb 16 9188 temple statues

with many hands

feb 16 9191 many hands

And a group of guys

feb 16 9194 temple statues

The signs of the zodiac - starting with the rat

feb 16 9207 zodiac

And back to Bintan Bay - at least that is what I call it. From here we went to Penyengat Island, a small island to the west.

feb 16 9214 bintan bay

We passed a fisherman

feb 16 9225 fisherman

And passed under clouds

feb 16 9237 clouds

Our island tour with a next visit to Penyengat Island. Up the hill to the cannon park with cannons at the ready and made in 1842.

feb 16 2008 bentang cannons

Looking north across Penyengat Island toward Batan

feb 16 2008 bentang island tour

The harbor

feb 16 9245 bentang harbor

A Malaysian style cemetary

feb 16 9252 mosque

Looking at Ellen

feb 16 9253 ellen malaysia yellow

Ellen and her chariot

feb 16 9265 ellen chariot

Overlooking the approaches

feb 16 9292 hilltop cannon

1842 - the date the cannon was cast

feb 16 9299 canon date

Another canon with the date stamp

feb 16 9301 canon aim date

Another cannon

feb 16 9302 cannon

And another

feb 16 9315 cannon

The park sign - with Texaco present - May 2001, Pulau Penyengat

feb 16 9319 canon park

Our chariots

feb 16 9323 chariots

Stopping for a cool drink

feb 16 9327 beverage

A young girl and father working on homework

feb 16 9325 homework

The end of the day

feb 16 9331 end of day

Rainbow row at the harbor

feb 16 9337 rainbow row

Walking out to our boat for the ride back to the main Bintan

feb 16 9340 return to bintan

Returning to the main part of Bintan, Edy organized a ride around the island as well as a side trip to the top

feb 16 2008 bintan taxi tour

And here is Bintan panorama from the top of the hill


There was a small restaurant at the top with a clear view of Bintan and surrounding areas. Here are some scenes

feb 16 9352 bintan main

The bay - with homes built on stilts with concrete walkways

feb 16 9358 smugglers cove

A looking to the side

feb 16 9359 smugglers cove

These four photos were stitched using Hugin, an open source photo stitcher, to create the panorama

feb 16 9363 bay island

Looking north west - toward the ferry terminal and channel. In the distance is Batam

feb 16 9364 bay left

To the left with Bintan mountain in the background

feb 16 9365 bay middle

To the right - in the background is the island with the cannon park on the top

feb 16 9366 bay right

Our team

feb 16 9367 out team

and Bintan panorama


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