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February 25, 2012:Spider Hunting with Yu Hyun

How we walked there (and to McDonalds and then to home)

Yu Hyun and I started about 8:30. Since last week I managed to spook a sleeping crab spider - I decided to look for another and here she is with arms wrapped around her. Last week I thought she was a piece of debris - and realized after the debris developed 8 legs that it must have been a sleeping crab spider

feb 25 6386 crab sleeping

This time I carefully spooked here and she slowly moved to another petal - arms beginning to unfold

feb 25 6391 crab wakeup

A yellow flower

feb 25 6394 yellow flower

Morning glory

feb 25 6397 morning glory


feb 25 6405 melastoma

Another crab spider - fully awake and in the capture position

feb 25 6411 crab arms

A Cyrtophora web - dry

feb 24 6421 cyrtophora dry web

I gently sprayed with with water mist to highlight the structure

feb 25 6434 web structure

Waited and she returned

feb 25 6437 cyrtophora web

ANother crab spider to the side - but one pair of arms is compromised by the yellow petal

feb 25 6440 crab spider yellow flower

Back to Cyrtophora

feb 25 6462 cyrtophora harvesting water

Her face - with a drop of water

feb 25 6475 cyrtophora eyes drops

Another view

feb 25 6478 cyrtophora eyes

A nearby dragonfly

feb 25 6491 dragonfly

Then a surprise - Melastoma with a crab spider

feb 25 6492 crab melastoma

We coaxed her to another petal

feb 25 6514 crab melastoma

Closer view

feb 25 6520 crab spider melastoma

Yu Hyun and her photos

Febryary 25, 2012:Yu Hyun and Spiders


feb 25 0307 frank yuhyun

A funnel web with morning dew

feb 25 0309 funnel web

Another of me

feb 25 0332 frank

Yu Hyun trying to catch a crab spider (a year ago she was totally afraid of nature - now she is quite comfortable with nature

feb 25 0344 catching crab spider

A butterfly - focused. She is practicing focus

feb 25 0357 butterfly

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