Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

Adventures in the Golden Triangle, Laos and Burma (Myanmar)

Getting there.

With some friends, we drove (see the GPS tracks below) from Chiang Mai to some hot springs (95 C water), then to Chiang Rai, then Chiang Sien, then to the Golden Triangle. Leaving we drove to Mae Sai and then the the area of some hill tribes (Akha) Click here to download ascii tracks from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and the drive to the Golden Triangle

GPS Tracks of visit to Golden Triangle

A very Old Buddha and a very Big Buddha

Very old Buddha

A very Old Temple

Very old temple

Off on a boat trip into Laos and Burma

Ellen under the Golden Triangle, in Thai and in English and Bam, our guide.

Golden Triangle Sign and Ellen Map of Golden Triangle

Building a Buddha

Building a new Buddha

Burmese ladies, washing

Morning washing

A Laos farmer

Laos farmer

Welcome to Laos

welcome to Laos

80 proof snake whiskey

snake whiskey

On to Mae Sai

More prospective iron chefs

iron chef iron chef

A great smile near the Myanmar Border check point

smiling thai boy Myanmar Border

Back to Thailand - the Akha People

The village

Akha Village

She drove a hard bargain for everything and eats nails for breakfast. She is even more impressive as a black/white image

Akha Lady

This lady chews betel nuts the fruit of a palm (see also). Here is the story of the betel nut.

betel nut smile

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