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Januaray 6, 2008:A field trip to Tuas

Riding the MRT to Jurong West and then to Tuas. Click, drag and zoom to explore our spider hunting.

Today was just plain fun. HK, his brother and Yixiong and I set off to look for spiders and dragonflies. There was no disappointment today

Here are my tracks from our flat near Queenstown MRT to Tuas

GPS tracks to Tuas

and here is where we found mostly crab spiders. The GPS accuracy is rather unbelievable. The parallel green tracks represent HK's driving on opposite sides of the highway as we came and returned. The green track inside the green rectangular box is where I walked and the reddish area that I crossed is a model airplane airport (see photo below).

GPS tracks to Tuas

Here was our first find - a Crab hiding withing a wild orchid

jan 06 0900 lynz orchid

Our Crab again

jan 06 0920 lynx orchid

and again

jan 06 0923 lynx orchid

A water dropplet

jan 06 0915 orchid drop

A Neoscona hiding. If you look closely near the base of her front legs, you can see two of her eyes reflect the light of my flash

jan 06 0937 neoscona hiding

Serious camouflage

jan 06 0941 neoscona camouflage

A crab spider hiding at the base of a pitcher plant

jan 06 0961 crab

Looking at me

jan 06 0967 crab looking

The crab spider on the pitcher plant (Nepenthes?)

jan 06 0989 crab pitcher plant nepenthes

Yixiong at work

jan 06 1001 yixiong pitcher

A red (small) dragonfly

jan 06 1011 red dfly

The nearby model airplane field

jan 06 1012 mod airplane strip

And a model airplane

jan 06 1014 model airplane

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