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Jan_17, 2009: Exploring a fishing village

This was an interesting trip because the seas were high. We went from Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang the usual route (red). However, to protect from the weather, we took a route around Batam (purple).

Here is our place

jan 17 9094 bintan agro beach

I had never walked beyond the bungalow site (part of Bintan Agro Beach Resort) so this afternoon I thought I would just walk along the road and see what I could see. Here is the road to somewhere - to the left is a school.

A grass bungalow - the "other" Bintan Agro Beach Resort"

jan 17 9108 grass bungalow

Here was a path to the sea - I thought I would play with black/white rendering. I rather like the b/w version

jan 17 9122 path to sea bw jan 17 9122 path to sea

The fisherman's home

jan 17 9132 fisherman home

And the fisherman's boat

jan 17 9135 fisher boat

Another view

jan 17 9141 fisher boat

A floating kelong

jan 17 9154 mobile kelong

The stationary kelong in black/white

jan 17 9163 kelong bw jan 17 9163 kelong

A floating kelong with nets

jan 17 9168 mobile kelong nets

The floating kelong (bw)

jan 17 9175 kelong bw jan 17 9175 kelong

Multi-person transport

jan 17 9186 transport

The village (bw)

jan 17 9197 village bw jan 17 9197 village


jan 17 9201 workers bw jan 17 9201 workers

Village (black/white)

jan 17 9204 village bw jan 17 9204 village

A sign

jan 17 9209 village sign


jan 17 9214 village inside

Main street (east)

jan 17 9228 main street bw jan 17 9228 main street

Main street (west)

jan 17 9238 main street bw jan 17 9238 main street

Road sign

jan 17 9247 sign


jan 17 9276 family bw jan 17 9276 family


jan 17 9292 cactus

A little girl with a big smile

jan 17 9301 little girl bw jan 17 9301 little girl

Back home at Bintan Agro Beach - and the kite surfers

jan 17 9303 bintan agro beach

Kite surfing

jan 17 9323 sun moon kite

Kite surfing

jan 17 9374 sun moon kite

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