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January 22, 2010: A photo shoot in Brunei

I try to sit near the wing so that I can take photos of the condensation vortex that flows over the engine housing. I got a few photos and it seems that the angled plate (perpendicular to the engine housing) disrupts the airflow to trigger the vortex formation. Then physics and Bernoulli's principle take over. Once a vortex (cyclone) is triggered, the inside path of air flow is shorter and lower velocity (conversation of mass) than the outer path. So the reduced pressure associated with the outer high velocity airflow results in condensation of available moisture - hence the milky appearance of the condensation vortex. If you look closely, you'll note that the center core is clear - because the air flow is probably laminar and slower, thus higher pressure and no condensation.

jan 22 4437 condensation vortex

A South China Sea island

jan 22 4473 south china sea island

A view of Kapulauan Natuna

jan 22 4476 s china sea islands

Pulau Panjang

jan 22 4478 s china sea island

Approaching Brunei

jan 22 4507 brunei


jan 22 4513 brunei landing


jan 22 4517 brunei approach

Appearance of condensation vortex - probably the altitude is low enough that there is enough humidity to condense

jan 22 4527 condensation vortex

A cropped view of the condensation vortex - the clear core is easily seen

jan 22 4532 condensation vortex cropped

Another example

jan 22 4532 landing condensation vortex

No vortex condensation

jan 22 4535 no vortex

Reversing thrust

jan 22 4537 reverse thrust

Welcome to Brunei

jan 22 4539 royal brunei

The Sheraton

jan 22 4543 sheraton

A Bandar Seri Begawan street

jan 22 4546 brunei street

Festival decorations

jan 22 4547 brunei decorations


jan 22 4548 brunei street

Evening river

jan 22 4562 evening river

River taxi

jan 22 4566 river taxi

Mosque from the river

jan 22 4572 river mosque

Another view

jan 22 4574 mosque

Another view

jan 22 4594 mosque

With me

jan 22 4596 frank mosque

Water village

jan 22 4603 water village

Evening Mosque

jan 22 4623 evening mosque

Another view

jan 22 4627 water mosque

Another view

jan 22 4628 water mosque

Another view

jan 22 4630 water mosque

A boat

jan 22 4634 boat

Another view of the Mosque

jan 22 4637 water mosque

And another

jan 22 4645 sunset mosque

And another

jan 22 4647 sunset mosque

Fire Station

jan 22 4648 firestation

Another Mosque

jan 22 4652 water mosque

Water village

jan 22 4656 water village

Evening clouds

jan 22 4659 evening village clouds


jan 22 4661 sunset sky mosque

Mosque and Sunset

jan 22 4665 sunset mosque

Evening Mosque

jan 22 4668 evening mosque

Shell Gas Station

jan 22 4671 gas station

Lake sunset

jan 22 4682 lake sunset

Sunset and a water taxi

jan 22 4683 sunset boat

Power lines crossing the sunset

jan 22 4684 sunset power

Sunset village

jan 22 4685 sunset village

Another view

jan 22 4686 sunset kampong

More sunset

jan 22 4689 lake sunset

Walking back home - the canal

jan 22 4695 brunei canal

And night lights of Bandar Seri Begawan

jan 22 4697 brunei night lights

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